Office App Now Live for Microsoft Windows 10 Users

Office App Launches to Replace MyOffice App


Avid Microsoft lovers are likely already aware of the new Office application launch, having been announced this past December. The application is geared to replace the current My Office app, hoping to be more useful for regular Office users. The company had long since desired to find a way to simplify the Office experience, searching for different ways to allow users to log in and access their documents more easily. The soon-to-be-replaced My Office app also features some of these items, however the new application will be featuring some free elements not seen in previous version.

Office App
Microsoft Office App

So what free elements can users look forward to with this new app? Microsoft’s new focus with this app is on free online versions of Office, if you’re not already an Office 365 subscriber. Many people don’t know that Microsoft actually has free online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook on their Office website. A feature that Microsoft has struggled with promoting in recent years. Users can look forward to tutorials, tips, tricks, and more to get used to the new user-face. Clippy lovers will be disappointed this time around, however, as the iconic Office figure will not be present in the new application.

Microsoft hopes to bridge the gap between working online and offline, with users now having the capability of accessing Office desktop apps on devices as well as online web applications. For instance, documents stored locally in OneDrive and SharePoint can now also be viewed no matter where the user is. The benefit though is that if an Office productivity app is already locally installed, the app will immediately load the local version. If it’s not already loaded, it will take the user to the online version. This ends up saving the user countless time and energy switching back and forth between an online and an offline version of the product!

How much does this new Office app cost? Nothing! The application is free to download, at the Microsoft store, and even comes pre-installed with Windows 10. An automatic update from Microsoft will immediately replace the MyOffice app within the next few coming weeks. Those without the MyOffice app already installed can go to the Microsoft store to download.


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