T-Pain is a surprise winner of “The Masked Singer”


Dressed as a monster and singing a smooth version of a party anthem, T-Pain won “The Masked Singer.” As if his performance was not shocking enough, finding out who the rapper/singer won against was even more surprising.

Taking Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It,” to a new level, T-Pain shocked judges and audiences with his rendition. T-Pain won against Gladys Knight and Donny Osmond, who were disguised as a bee and a peacock, respectively.

Why T-Pain’s victory matters

Depending on when audiences were introduced to T-Pain, either his 2005 debut, which featured the popular tracks, “I’m ‘n Luv (Wit a Stripper) and “I’m Sprung.” By 2007, T-Pain released his second album, “Epiphany.” From that recording, audiences were released to his song “Bartender” which went all the way to No. 5, while “Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’)” reached No. 1. The album made it to No. 1 as well.

For some people, “Bartender,” with its up tempo and catchy lyrics, is T-Pain’s most famous song. However, on that track, T-Pain makes the most use of Auto-Tune. The feature disguises the performer’s voice for the most part. The song seemed to link T-Pain to Auto-Tune for ever after. His performance on “The Masked Singer” sought to break that connection. In some ways, “The Masked Singer” helped to free T-Pain from the singing tool.

Now that people know how T-Pain sounds, will he never use Auto-Tune again? That is unclear. What is more probable is that both audiences and critics have an idea of how T-Pain sounds with help, and if his singing is good enough to compete legendary singers, they might be more eager to hear his upcoming projects.

T-Pain’s next project involves a collaboration with rapper, Lil Wayne.

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