Lyricist Amit Khanna’s Birthday


Today is Lyricist Amit Khanna’s birthday. Amit Khanna is a multi-faceted personality connected with Bollywood. He is not only a lyricist but also a journalist, writer, poet, movie maker and film executive. Amit Khanna has served as the executive producer of 7 movies produced under Navketan Films banner in the 1970s and 1980s. He penned more than 400 songs for Bollywood, non-film albums and television series.

Bollywood and Lyricist Amit Khanna’s Birthday:

Some of my favorite Bollywood lyrics by Amit Khanna are:

Chalte chalte mere yeh geet yaad rakhna… Chalte Chalte (1976)

Door door tum rahe… Chalte Chalte (1976)

Aaye na Balam ka karoon Sajni… Swami (1977)

Pal bhar mein yeh kya ho gaya… Swami (1977)

Aap kahen aur hum na aayen aise toh halaat nahin… Des Pardes (1978)

Nazrana bheja kisine pyar ka… Des Pardes (1978)

Madhuban khushboo deta hai… Sajan Bina Suhagan (1978)

Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha… Baton Baton Mein (1979)

Uthe sab ke kadam dekho ram pam pam… Baton Baton Mein (1979) 


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