Kya lekar aaya hai – Narendra/Manna/Mahendra/Kumar – Sonik-Omi – Om Shiv Puri/Jeetendra/Sunil/Vinod | Umar Qaid (1975)


Movie – Umar Qaid (1975):

Kya lekar aaya hai song was featured in 1975 Gautam Pictures’ Bollywood action movie Umar Qaid (Life Term or Life Sentence for an accused) directed by Sikandar Khanna and produced by V K Sobti. The movie starred late Sunil Dutt, Jeetendra, late Vinod Mehra, Moushumi Chatterjee, Reena Roy, etc.

The movie opens with a scene within the bad men’s den where they plan to bump off Vinod (Vinod Mehra), the customs officer; who has been confiscating several of their illegal goods arriving in India. Next, it is Vinod’s entry scene where he bumps into Dr. Bharati (Moushumi Chatterjee) and an accident is averted. It turns out that both are in love with each other. Bharati requests him to talk to her Uncle, Mr. Kamal Kant about their marriage.

When Vinod visits her home, it turns out that Mr. Kamal Kant is none other than the smuggler KK (Manmohan); Vinod has been trying to catch red-handed. Post an altercation with KK, Vinod decides that he would continue to do his duty toward the nation, rather than support a criminal just because he happens to be related to his beloved. Vinod leaves his fingerprints all over a knife used to cut fruits. I find this so ridiculous. A customs officer gets so angry that he handles a weapon in a seemingly domestic situation; leaving his fingerprints on it. So blatantly dumb!

It so happens that KK is killed by someone with a knife of a different shape. The next shot is of a marriage scene. Vinod’s sister, Anju (Anju Mahendru) is getting married and her friends and Bharati are teasing her, through a song. A police officer visits there and arrests Vinod for killing KK. Bharati breaks up with him and leaves the place in tears. The court sentences Vinod to life imprisonment, due to circumstantial evidence. Forensics must have not been able to prove that the murder took place with another knife. Post the judgment, Vinod’s physical struggles within the prison and his family’s financial crunch on the outside of it, are shown.

The real killer Raja (Sunil Dutt) is in love with a bar dancer Reena (Reena Roy). Raja brings some money; he had looted from the bad guys and gives it to Reena. Reena does not want money. Raja asks, if not for money, why she danced in front of men, in semi-nude clothes. Reena gives a lame excuse of having to take care of a family. I don’t understand one thing. Does she not have an education? Even if she did not have it, can’t she do some business or any other decent job? The problem with Bollywood is that the stories are being written by men and they do not give a woman’s perspective of a situation. They want a cabaret or a striptease sequence and give a silly excuse for why the girl is doing it.

Anyways, Raja decides to marry Reena and take care of her and her family. When they are getting into their car to get back home, post the wedding ceremony in a temple, Raja is arrested for having drugs in his car. Obviously, the bad guys have planted it in the car and it is not his fault. Those days it was easy to do these criminal activities with the lack of security. Inside the prison, post a fight sequence, Raja reveals that when he kills someone, someone else is imprisoned. At that time, one of the prisoners (Om Shiv Puri), who always talks philosophical stuff, begins this song.

Song – Kya lekar aaya hai:

Gulshan Bawra penned the lyrics of Kya lekar aaya hai and Sonik-Omi composed the music.

This is a very philosophical song that reminds us that whatever happens has already been written in our fate.

Video – Kya lekar aaya hai:

The cinematography is by Sudarshan Nag. Dance choreography is by Surya Kumar-Satyanarayan-Kamal.

The video opens with the song beginning in the background and Vinod Mehra turning toward the singer. Om Shiv Puri is the singer. Asrani and the other prisoners hit the prisoner’s lunch plates in tune with the music of the song. They also dance.

Jeetendra and others turn the song into a qawwali. Asrani also follows suit. Sunil Dutt also adds his bit to the song. What began as a philosophical and in some ways sad song is turned into a comic one.

Jeetendra and Asrani try to bring Vinod Mehra into their dance. But, Vinod Mehra tries to avoid them. Vinod Mehra gives them a fitting reply through the song. Om Shiv Puri again gets philosophical. That makes Sunil Dutt rethink about what he had done.

The song ends and the video ends with the shot of the night and the electric lights switching on.


Narendra Chanchal, Manna Dey, Mahendra Kapoor and Kumar Sonik had crooned this song. Om Shiv Puri, Sunil Dutt, Jeetendra, Vinod Mehra, Asrani and others had performed the song onscreen.

Cultural Influence:

This typically filmi song does not have any cultural influence as such but highlights the philosophical truth of God disposing of all of man’s proposals. A well-sung song, it is worthy of a suno and the video is ok to watch.


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