Watch out Pathogens : Ergotron and UV Partners Are Here to Get You!

Ergotron and UV Partners Unite!


Healthcare providers can rejoice around the world with Ergotron and UV Partners on their side. The ergonomic workspace company has recently announced a union with UV Partners in order to incorporate some of UV Partners technology into their products. What exactly are they proposing to do? UV partners, the creators of UV Angel®, will be integrating into Ergorton’s lines CareFit® Pro and StyleView®,, medical carts used in many healthcare settings around the world.

What is it that they’re hoping to achieve? Well, according to many studies, well used items such as keyboards, mouses, and computer workstations can be major transmitters of pathogens. This means that a healthcare provider could touch their keyboard and then go assist a patient, and transmit that pathogen to the patient. The pathogen then can, in turn, cause disease or infection to that patient. All because they were exposed to a pathogen found on someone’s keyboard. It’s an issue healthcare providers have been dealing with since the dawn of time, but Ergotron and UV Partners hopes to help create a solution for this.

Ergotron’s CareFit® Pro and StyleView® medical carts are a healthcare provider’s best friend. They are both mobile and easy to use workstations for doctors, nurses, and more. It helps care providers with documentation and monitoring, allowing them to be productive no matter where they are. They are also adjustable for height so that a provider can adjust the station from sitting to standing. It is something that can be transported all across a hospital and help an array of patients from one department to another. It’s an ergonomic solution that is widely used in most hospitals today. If you’ve ever been to a doctor’s office or hospital recently, you’ve definitely seen somebody using one of these!

Medical Cart
Ergotron’s CareFit® Pro
Medical Cart
Ergotron’s StyleView®







UV Partners major contribution will be their UV Angel®. This system is an intelligent UV-C light disinfection system. It works by constantly monitoring surfaces to help detect those dangerous pathogens and automatically disinfects continuously throughout the day. All this is done without the healthcare provider ever having to lift a finger. It even manages to detect those hard to reach places that most people tend to overlook.

UV Partners
UV Angel®

This technology will then, in this partnership, be incorporated into CareFit® Pro and StyleView® medical carts. It will scan the carts as the healthcare provider uses it throughout the day, eliminating any pathogens the provider may come into contact with. This technology will in turn help to reduce deadly infections that could be devastating to a patient. It’s a revolutionary approach to advancing medical care as we know it.

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