Sochta hoon ke tumhen – Krishna/Rafi – Kalyanji-Anandji – Babita/Rajesh | Raaz (1967)


Movie – Raaz (1967):

Sochta hoon ke tumhen appeared in 1967 Sippy Films’ thriller Raaz (secret) directed by Ravindra Dave and produced by G P Sippy. The movie starred late Rajesh Khanna (debut), Babita (debut), I S Johar, Asit Sen and others.

Living in Africa, Kumar (Rajesh Khanna) is actually of Indian origin. He sees dreams of an Indian railway station called Viran Nagar, repeatedly. He is curious and travels to India with his friend, Rocky (I S Johar). They reach Viran Nagar railway station, which looks the same as Kumar had seen in his dreams. The locals are frightened on seeing Kumar like they have seen a ghost. Thus, the 2 friends do not get a ride to their destination. They trick a horse cart driver and finally reach their destination. They find a place to stay on temporary-basis and leave their luggage there to unravel the mystery of Kumar’s dreams.

That night, Kumar finds a girl (Babita) singing this eerie song. Soon, he is face-to-face with the girl. Her name is Sapna and tells him that they were in love with each other. Unfortunately, Kumar does not remember anything. For him, Sapna is just a shadow in his dreams. Sapna tries to help him remember by singing a song. After the song, Kumar requests her to tell him how did they know each other since he did not know anything about it. Sapna reminds him of how they had met each other. Flashback begins. The first meeting that leads Sapna to fall in love with Kumar is not as dramatic as it needs to be. If it is real love, it cannot happen without some drama and mainly if it’s in a Bollywood movie.

Kumar is also in love with Sapna. Her father, Sarkar Nath (D K Sapru) summons him to his home and threatens of dire consequences for an act he had done in a previous scene – the act of saving an old female worker from the ill-treatment of a Sarkar Nath henchman. Soon, Sarkar Nath gets to know about Sapna’s affair with Kumar and restricts her from meeting him. When Sapna does not arrive at the place of their rendezvous; Kumar sings a haunting song, pining for her. Sarkar Nath has followed Sapna and orders his servant to beat him up. Again the lovers are separated.

A villager, Bansi (Asit Sen) rescues Kumar and takes him to another village for treatment. Sapna finds her beloved with the help of her maids and reaches him. She has decided to leave her house and has come to him, with the preparation to elope. Sarkar Nath follows her again and admits to them that he would agree to their marriage. But, when Sapna returns home with her father, he confines her in the house.

With this scene, they bring us back to the present. When Sapna asks Kumar, if he remembers what had happened; he replies that he did not remember anything. He also says that he had never been to this place before. Sapna shows him a locket and asks him if he did not remember the love-gift that he had given to her. He remembers this locket and that his mother’s picture is inside it.

Rocky is in love with one of Sapna’s maids, Bela (Lakshmi Chhaya). He is in the process of writing some poem and a letter wrapped around a stone is thrown on the bed near him. The letter requests Kumar to meet the writer at some ruins nearby. Rocky dresses up like Kumar and visits the place. Bela overhears some goons that they would be killing Kumar. She realizes that Kumar is in danger and tries to warn him. But, some distance into the ruins, Rocky thinks that Bela is testing him. He realizes that he is done for and begins to sing a parody of Pyar kiya toh darna kya…from Moghul-e-Azam (1960). Bela reaches there in time to see that all the goons are dead. Rocky and Bela confess their love for each other and they leave the place.

Back where they are living, Rocky confronts Kumar about his identity. Rocky also asks him where was he when he had gone hunting for a few months. Kumar brings out a diary with notes about what had happened during those few months. But, the pages have been torn. Rocky suspects that the pages were torn by Kumar himself. Kumar and Sapna meet and sing this song.

Song – Sochta hoon ke tumhen:

Akhtar Roomani penned the lyrics of this song Sochta hoon ke tumhen and Kalyanji-Anandji composed the music.

The man says, “I think I have seen you. But, I can’t remember where.”

Video – Sochta hoon ke tumhen:

The cinematography is by K Vaikunth.

The video starts with Rajesh Khanna moving toward a seat and sitting on it. He also begins to sing the song. He is in a forest with Babita. But, it looks more like a studio setting. She moves close to him, joining him in the song. They get romantic.

I don’t understand one thing. If Rajesh Khanna’s character is not sure about his relationship with Babita’s character, how are they getting romantic? It doesn’t make sense. The song peters out and the video ends as the camera pans a water body.


Krishna Kalle and Mohammad Rafi sang this song on playback and the onscreen performances are by Babita and Rajesh Khanna.

Cultural Influence:

This is another beautiful but filmi song, rendered by Krishna Kalle and Mohammad Rafi. The song and the artists are very good. The video is watchable for the same.


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