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Otter Products LLC, the makers of OtterBox and LifeProof products, announced that on February 21, 2019, they would be closing their doors for the day. Why would such a large organization want to close their doors for an entire day outside of a national holiday? Simple, they want their employees to give back and spend the day volunteering. The event is for their third annual Closed2Open event in partnership with the OtterCares Foundation; a private foundation that strives to inspire children around the globe to help change the world around them.


Employees will be partnering with local nonprofits and schools for the day, giving their time to those who need it. The event is meant to inspire growth and education by way of encouraging others to give back to their communities. An unheard of precedent in the consumer market. Just in their previous year, the event created 9,000 volunteer hours for nonprofits worldwide. The company hopes to expand their goal this year for even more volunteer hours. The corporation’s mission statement “We Grow to Give” is something taken very seriously. They even offer their employees 24 hours of off time each year in order to volunteer. Their employees have definitely stepped up to answer the call though, having a typical participation rate of approximately 85% just about every year.

What makes this year so special for this company shut down? This year is the first time that the organization is spreading to include all of their global offices too, not just those located in the United States. They are hoping to create a global-wide impact to help raise awareness for the importance of giving back. In addition, their hope is that by donating an entire day, other companies and entrepreneurs will follow suite.

Otter products encourages participation in this tremendously giving day, even going as far as to offer the chance to win one of two $1000 grants for the nonprofits of the winner’s choice. Anyone is allowed to participate, all you have to do is pledge volunteer hours! You can go to or for more information on the event and how you can participate.

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