Microsoft Announces 2019 Healthcare Innovation Award Winners

Microsoft’s Health Forum and Innovation Awards occurred on February 13, 2019, where the winners of the Innovation Awards were announced.


Microsoft’s Health Forum and Innovation Awards occurred on February 13, 2019, where the winners of the Innovation Awards were announced. The Healthcare Innovation Awards, each year, celebrates the innovations in the health and life sciences that utilize Microsoft-based products and solutions. The award categories include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Empowering Your Care Teams and Employees, Engaging your Patients and Enabling Personalized Care, Optimizing Clinical Operational Effectiveness & Improving Outcomes, Outstanding Innovation, and Transforming the Care Continuum and Reimaging Healthcare.

Microsoft’s 2019 Healthcare Innovation Awards

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Award winner was NHS Greater Glassgow & Clyde and KenSci. The two companies partnered together to get a better understanding of high risk C.O.P.D patients in hospitals. Their hope was to predict long term hospitals stays based on a number of different factors ranging from previous medical history to socioeconomic backgrounds. Utilizing AI and Machine Learning, together they were able to find the those high risk patients by 20% for their first time admission for C.O.P.D. and therefore helping to increase early preventative efforts for these patients.

The Empower Your Care Teams and Employees Award went to Vision Source, LP and Kno2. Vision Source, LP wanted to create a nationwide interoperability network for their 3,350 locations in order to reach the needs of those with diabetes. In order to do this, they selected Kno2’s Interoperability as a service. This created an immediate access to millions of referring providers through all of the nations major health networks.

The award for Engaging Your Patients and Enabling Personalized Care was given to Premera Blue Cross for their Premera Scout™. This intelligent virtual assistant utilizes Microsoft Healthcare’s advanced AI solutions, and provides help for customers by finding the information they need regarding their health plans. Complicated and confusing information for patients was made easy to understand using this smart virtual assistant.

The Optimize Clinical Operational Effectiveness & Improve Outcomes award was given to the Prediction of Patient Placement (POPP) Team at Boston Children’s Hospital. Boston Children’s Hospital found that on average, 50% of Emergency Departments are operating at, or above, their overall capacity. To answer this statistic, they created the Prediction of Placement (POPP); a real-time forecasting tool to predict incoming admissions from their Emergency department to the rest of the hospital. This tool helps promote coordination of the different departments in order to reduce patient wait and transfer time, freeing up additional space in the ED for those patients who need it.

The award for Outstanding Innovation went to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and DNAnexus. The two organizations, partnered also with Microsoft itself, created the St. Jude Cloud. This Cloud-based storing system is much like that of Microsoft’s Cloud storing system a lot of individuals utilize on a regular basis. The St. Jude Cloud, however, is a secure data-sharing network that can be used by researchers in order to view public data. What is in this database you may ask? The database is essentially a repository of collaborative and comprehensive research data on pediatric cancer genomics, but that’s not all. In addition to the valuable research it contains, the St. Jude Cloud also contains tools so that researchers can now visualize the data they’re looking for.

The Transform the Care Continuum & Reimagine Healthcare award was given to Johns Hopkins Medicine for their development of the Precision Medicine Analytics Program (PMAP). This platform is an all encompassing tool for caregivers to improve the process of treating patients. It helps caregivers out from diagnosing, to treating, all the way to the outcome. All for the purpose of attempting to lower the cost of care for patients. The platform is made up of two parts, Discovery and Care Delivery. Both used to promote discovery and innovation in the health care setting.

Microsoft continues to drive individuals and organizations to do incredible things, and this years Healthcare Innovation Awards only takes things to the next level. Patient’s can rest soundly knowing that these organizations are looking out for them. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how next year’s award winners are able to top the ones from this year!

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