Main bhi jawan – Asha Bhonsle – O P Nayyar – Smriti Biswas | Baap Re Baap (1955)



The song – Main bhi jawan – appears in the 1955 Kardar Productions’ hit musical comic caper Baap Re Baap (Oh, My God!) directed and produced by A R Kardar. The movie starred late Kishore Kumar, late Chand Usmani, Smriti Biswas, late Jayant, late Ulhas and late Leela Mishra.

Kunwar Ashok (Kishore Kumar) has just returned after studying in a foreign country for 5 years. His parents are overly protective and treat his one sneeze as pneumonia. On the night when he is compelled to rest due to his ‘ill health’, he sees a flower-girl Kokila (Chand Usmani) singing and dancing. He falls in love with her, instantly and chases her around. In this process, her dupatta tears. He convinces her into falling in love with him and promises to return soon with a new dupatta.

When Kunwar is about to go out to meet Kokila, Colonel Jung Bahadur (Ulhas) and his wife (Leela Mishra) are visiting them with their daughter Roopa (Smriti Biswas). Roopa whisks him back to his room and compels him to spend time with her. Soon, she sings this song and Kunwar has to sit with an ice pack to control his tension!

Song – Main bhi jawan:

Jan Nisar Akhtar and O P Nayyar have been credited with the lyrics and music of this song – Main bhi jawan.

The girl says, “Our youth compels us to be together. The weather is good. But, why are you being distant? This is torture to me.”

Video – Main bhi jawan:

The cinematography was by Dwarka Divecha and K Ramanlal operated the camera. Dance choreography is by Surya Kumar.

The video opens with Smriti Biswas playing the piano with her back to the camera. The camera passes her and focuses on Kishore Kumar, who has an ice pack on his head! She begins to sing the song and then, she stands up to begin dancing. As she dances, she moves toward Kishore Kumar.

Smriti Biswas sits near Kishore Kumar on the sofa and tries to be close to him. He gets irritated by her behavior. Chand Usmani is waiting for him, fully decked up and sad. Kishore Kumar tries to leave. But, Smriti Biswas stops him. He begins to hit both the sides of a long pillow; he has on his lap, like a dholak. The song peters out and the video also ends there.


Asha Bhonsle sang the playback for Smriti Biswas and Kishore Kumar has done some comedy in the song. Chand Usmani is glimpsed at times in the song.

Cultural Influence:

This typically filmi song has a tinge of Goan music, besides the typical old Bollywood charm and Nayyarian music. The song and the artists are very good. The video is watchable for Kishore Kumar’s antics and the melody of the song.


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