Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Plus is Out of this World


The most avid of Samsung are aware of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 coming out, set to be released February 20 of this year. But what about the Galaxy S9 Plus? The device was launched last year in March and belongs to the Galaxy 9 phone family. To be more specific, Samsung has three separate Galaxy 9 phones that were released around the same time frame. There is the standard Galaxy S9, the Galaxy Note 9, and then the Galaxy S9 Plus. The device is essentially similar to the Note 9 phone, as it has the same speedy processor, with the CPU of Snapdragon 845 and Exynos 9810, and comparable screen size. So what makes the S9 Plus stand out?

S9 Plus Comes in Black, Purple, and Blue
Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Plus

The Galaxy S9 Plus’s design and display are fairly comparable to that of the S8 Plus, with small changes made to improve the phones user experience. For instance, the fingerprint sensor was moved to a center alignment on the back of the phone just below the camera. This upgrade allows the user to scan their fingerprints with ease, and without smudging the camera lens. It also allows the front of the phone to be dedicated to a larger screen, giving users 90% of screen usage on the front of the phone.

The phone also sports a 6.2 inch Quad HD+ curved screen, a new staple for Samsung devices. Screen resolution isn’t sacrificed for the upgraded size, still allowing users to enjoy a clear and crisp picture quality. The curved edges of the phone create a unique look and high contrast, making everything seem to pop out right at users. Audio quality also received some T.L.C. from Samsung. There are stereo speakers at both the top and bottom of the phone, giving for amazing sound quality not like that of it’s predecessors. It also gives approximately 1.4 times more volume than previous devices.

One of the phones bragging points are its upgraded camera functions, such as the low-light photo function. The new Super Speed Dual Pixel camera guarantees about 28% more light than the S8. For low-light shots, the camera switches to a f/1.5 aperature, which is one of the brightest aperature’s in the market for a smartphone. The rear camera allows for a telephoto view like that of the Apple iPhone X. For video functions, there is a new Super Slow-Mo which captures 960 frames per second at a 720p resolution.

Overall, the Galaxy S9 Plus continues to prove that Samsung is in it to win it in terms of smartphone technology. Its design and upgraded features only improve upon the already impeccable design of the S9 device. But if the features for the Galaxy S9 Plus doesn’t entice users, perhaps the Galaxy S10 release here within the next few days will be up their alley!


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