R D Burman’s 1990s Compositions


Today’s post is about R D Burman’s 1990s compositions. R D Burman was born to Composer Sachin Dev Burman and his wife Meera Dev Burman, who was a lyricist, in Calcutta (Kolkata now). His maternal grandmother began to call him Tublu, initially. Later, his nickname became Pancham. Several stories tell us how this came to be. According to one story, when he would cry, it would sound like the Indian Classical fifth note – Pa or the G scale of the Western music notation. Pa is also called the Pancham in his mother tongue, Bengali. Another theory says that Veteran Actor Ashok Kumar saw Rahul as a newborn uttering the monosyllable Pa repeatedly and he began calling the boy Pancham. Yet another version has it that as a baby he would cry in 5 different notes.

Bollywood and R D Burman’s 1990s Compositions:

Some Bollywood songs composed by R D Burman for 1990s releases:

Boliyan oye boliyan… Jeene Do (1990)

Tu andar kaise aaya… Jai Shiv Shankar (1990)

Bhoola nahin Maa… Dushman (1990)

Jab tak jaan mein hai jaan… Indrajeet (1991)

Rim jhim barse… Jhooti Shaan (1991)

Panchi gayere… Drohi (1992)

Heey Jaipurse nikli gaadi… Gurudev (1993)

Badal jo barse… Gardish (1993)

Sili hawa choo gayi… Libaas (1993)


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