Ankh mein surat teri – Mohammad Rafi – O P Nayyar – Johnny Walker | Choo Mantar (1956)


Movie – Choo Mantar (1956):

Ankh mein surat teri was featured in Shree Sound Studios’ romedy Choo Mantar (1956) directed by M Sadiq and produced by P B Billimoria. The movie starred Johnny Walker, Anita Guha, Shyama, etc.

Baijnath or Baiju (Johnny Walker) is an unemployed, slacker and flirt. He sings beautifully and all women from his village are attracted to his singing. The men always complain to his father and often, beat up Baiju for his troublemaking. During one such occasion when the male villagers are complaining to his father, Baiju sings this song.

Song – Ankh mein surat teri :

O P Nayyar and Jan Nisar Akhtar have been credited with the music and lyrics of this song.

The man sings, “Only you are visible to me. My lips speak about only your activities.”

Video – Ankh mein surat teri:

The cinematography is by Minoo Bilimoria.

The video opens with the aalaap beginning in the background and women coming to their windows attracted to the voice. The women introduce the singer as Baiju Bawra to their friends. Then, Johnny Walker is seen coming into a busy market street and beginning the song. Johnny Walker’s typical antics are intended to be funny and bring a smile to your face.

Johnny Walker flirts with every woman he sees. The women blush and cover their face with the edge of their saris. The men push their wives and sisters into their house and close the windows to avoid Johnny Walker. The men pick up bamboo sticks to beat up the lead actor and gather around him. With this, ends the first version of the song.


Mohammad Rafi sang this song for Johnny Walker’s character in the movie. Other actors are also seen in the video.

Cultural Influence:

This is a typical O P Nayyar song for a Bollywood movie. Maybe there are some touches of Arabian music and some from Punjabi culture, due to the Nayyarian composition. The song and the video are watchable for the same.


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