Jabra Engage 65 Convertible: Sleek in Design, Not in Function


Blending the maximum amount of cutting-edge features with a minimalist wireless design, the Jabra Engage 65 Convertible offers noise-free conversations with customers and dependable service.

This Convertible style is a lightweight model for those who need mobility in the office while having the same capabilities of a standard headset. Designed with both the caller and the call center professional in mind, the Engage 65 is delivers advantages that are made to improve productivity and call quality.

Wi-Fi Range and Traffic Levels

In any office setting, mobility means productivity. Being able to assist a colleague, check on some equipment, or retrieve some info from another location may all be necessary over the course of a day. The Engage 65 Convertible won’t keep you restricted to your workstation and provides a wireless range of 330 feet (100 meters). Its reliable connection won’t lead to a dropped call and ensure you can provide the support and service that customers seek.

Going beyond the standard Wi-Fi capacity, the call volume capabilities of this Jabra system can handle heavy levels of traffic while still providing excellent call quality. For busy times of the day, you’ll not have to stress about calls being dropped or poor connections. You’ll also be able to pair the headset to two different devices simultaneously, so you can be connected to a computer-based softphone as well as a desk phone.

Clear Calls and Customized Sound

This Engage 65 Convertible is built with a noise-cancelling microphone that detects and minimizes any surrounding conversations. Callers won’t be distracted by any nearby chatter and won’t have to deal with annoying interference.

The headset also enables you to set a preferred level of call output, separate from the volume control. This means that however loud someone may be speaking at the other end, the sound you hear will always be at the same level.

Staying Charged and Free from Security Threats

When your day begins, you won’t need to worry about the battery going dead on you, provided you start with a full change. The Engage 65 Convertible can last for an entire shift, providing nine hours of availability. A full recharge would require 75 minutes, whereas in a pinch, you could get 40 percent in a half-hour.

As a wireless device, security vulnerabilities are a constant concern. To combat these issues, the Engage 65 Convertible uses 256-bit AES encryption and meets DECT Security Level C, the highest level of telecommunications security. With these levels of security in action, you’ll be able to take on the business at hand without any unwanted phone hacking taking place.

Quality Audio for Quality Customer Service

Jabra is building a name for itself as a leader in professional headsets. Its Engage series provides a number of different models (Engage 50, Engage 65, Engage 75, and Engage 75 Convertible), all of which are geared toward call center staff.

If you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight headset (which comes as a headband, neckband, or earhook) with a range of capabilities, then this product from Jabra can provide a reliable means for providing excellent customer service in a wireless, comfortable package.

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