The Engage 65 Headset: Customer Calls Made Easier


Excellent customer service is a skill, but having the right equipment also goes a long way toward impressing consumers. As a leading manufacturer of audio equipment for call center personnel, Jabra’s Engage 65 headset is designed to provide a combination of the latest innovations with the basics, all in a wireless design.

The Jabra Engage 65 is basically a scaled-back alternative to the Engage 75 model (check out our previous review). The 65 shares most the 75’s features, with the exceptions being that it only pairs with two devices at a time and its charger offers buttons, not a touchscreen. This is also a non-Bluetooth device, so keep in mind that it uses a different wireless method.

Blocking out the Noise While Keeping You Mobile: A Features Overview

The Engage 65 contains a full array of features that cover the most essential requirements as well as some cutting-edge advantages. Here’s a rundown on what the headset has to offer:

  • Noise-cancellation: The Engage 65’s microphone has been built to react to and reduce surrounding noise. No matter how busy your office is, callers won’t be distracted by nearby chatter, HVAC humming, or any other noise.
  • Sound output levels: This is a common feature on Jabra’s Engage series. It enables a sound level to be established that always keeps a caller’s voice at the same level. In other words, no matter how loud that person may be speaking, you’ll hear the same level of sound on the call.
  • Secure wireless connections: The Engage 56 blocks unwanted eavesdropping through a combination of encryption, authentication, and the DECT Security Level C standard, the highest security level for telecommunications devices.
  • Battery life: The headset can operate for 13 hours at a stretch, so you can easily go into overtime without needing a charge. Ninety minutes is all it takes for the battery to reach 100%.
  • Busy light: Having someone tap you on the shoulder or call your name when you’re in the middle of a call is both annoying and preventable. The Engage 65 is built with a red busy light that’s activated when you’re engaged a customer, so you can avoid any interruptions.
  • Design choices: The model comes in a headband style for both dual speakers (stereo) and single speaker (mono) and a single-speaker neckband option.
  • Wireless capabilities: The wireless connection is limited to 490 feet (150 meters), and the device also allows for a much heavier volume of wireless activity within the area than other devices without affecting audio quality.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: The Engage 65 works with both Macs and PCs and is certified with Skype for Business Open Office. It can be paired with a computer-based softphone, a desk phone, or a mobile phone.

Industry-leading Phone Audio in a Wireless Design

Any job that requires long hours on the phone can be challenging, and quality equipment can make the usual tasks much more efficient. The Jabra Engage 65 delivers clear connections, protection from intrusion, and all-day battery life, along with wireless capabilities. If you don’t need to be paired with more than a couple of devices and don’t require Bluetooth, then this could be an ideal choice for your customer interaction responsibilities.

Where to buy:

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