Jabra Engage 75 Convertible: Small Size, Big Functionality


Jabra’s Engage series of professional headsets covers an array of different options: wireless or wired, dual headphones (stereo) or single (mono). The Engage 75 model not only comes in stereo and mono designs (also reviewed on LemonWire), but also in a minimized single-headphone model, the Convertible.

The Engage 75 Convertible further breaks down into three wearing choices: headband, neckband, or earhook. When choosing a headset that will be essential equipment for your day-to-day responsibilities, you’ll want something dependable as well as comfortable. With its sleek design, the Engage 75 Convertible can provide all the qualities you’re looking for in a wireless headset.

Reducing Noise for Clear Conversations

Open offices are busy places, and a call centers are even more so. In order to provide callers with a clear and noise-free conversation, the Engage 75 Convertible’s mic reduces any surrounding noise. No matter how noisy your surroundings might be, the caller won’t be distracted by nearby chatter.

Laptops, tablets, and phones all enable us to work and access data from any location, and a mobile headset lets us receive calls with the same freedom. The Engage 75 Convertible allows a range of 330 feet (100 meters) from your paired device. It’s also designed to accommodate a heavy bandwidth of voice traffic without affecting call quality.

System Compatibility and Sound Customization

The Engage 75 Convertible can work in conjunction with the full gamut of phone options: a computer-based softphone, a desk phone, or an analog-style phone. Plus, the headset can also be paired with two Bluetooth devices as well, so you could potentially be connected to receive audio from five different sources. No matter what kind of a system you have in place, the headset can pair with it and keep you connected.

It also provides some customizable options, such as the capability to set the sound level of the incoming calls. This is a step beyond a simple volume control. However loud someone may be speaking, the headset adjusts for these occurrences and you won’t need to change the volume setting.

Protection Against Intrusion

When it comes to any wireless device, security is a serious concern. The Engage 75 Convertible uses an AES encryption method that meets the DECT security standard for wireless devices. With this in place, your business can take on its usual call volume, knowing that each interaction will be secure.

Because of its small size, comfort may be an issue for those who usually need a larger size headset. Also, the battery is not replaceable. When the batter conks out and no longer takes a charge, you’ll have to purchase a new headset.

The Full Package in a Sleek Design

If you’re looking for a cordless headset with a robust set of capabilities that’s the most streamlined version available, then the Engage 75 Convertible will be a model to consider. Its full range of features will offer excellent audio quality, dependable wireless reception, and security from unwanted intruders. Providing customers with a quality experience is a small but important way of making a good impression, and its sophisticated functions can help drive a call center’s productivity and efficiency.

Where to buy:

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