Jabra Evolve 65t: Wireless Earbuds “Designed for Freedom”


Staying connected with work colleagues is crucial in any field. For those who have an active job that requires traveling, wireless earbuds are essential equipment. When the standard wired earbuds won’t cut it and you’re looking for something that has the superior sound quality of headphones, then the Jabra 65t wireless earbuds will likely combine all the characteristics you’re looking for.

Noise Reduction, Customization, and More: The Evolve 65t Overview

As part of Jabra’s Evolve series, the Evolve 65t shares some of the same features that other Jabra products offer: noise cancelling functions, well-designed comfort, and multiplatform compatibility. Described on Jabra’s website as “designed for freedom,” these high-performance earbuds will be an ideal choice for those in an open-office or who are mobile employees.

Here’s rundown on the central characteristics of the 65t earbuds:

  • Charge limits: On a single charge, the earbuds offer five hours of use. This may cover a typical day’s usage, but if you need a solid eight hours, you’ll need to keep the charger handy.
  • Dual-device pairing: This feature enables you to receive audio from two different sources, meaning you can take calls from one device while streaming music from another.
  • Sound adjustments: Want some more bass? An audio equalizer available through a downloadable Jabra app enables you to customize your audio. Adjust the EQ levels and you can have the perfect sound for phone meetings or your favorite playlist.
  • Noise reduction: Jabra’s products are known for their noise cancellation features. These earbuds offer passive noise cancellation, which is a means of avoiding unwanted noise simply by wearing them. Put them on and you can get in the zone to focus on the task at hand.
  • Earbud size: This is not a one-size-fits-all kind of product. Three different earbuds sizes are available to provide the ideal fit. Swap out each one to find which one works best.
  • Voice assistant communication: The Evolve 65t can be used in conjunction with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Have a question about your upcoming schedule or just want to know a random fact? Ask your question and then your voice assistant will respond via your earbuds.

Multiplatform Compatibility

Jabra is aware of the plethora of communication programs out there, so you should find that your platform of choice is compatible with the Evolve 65t. The following are just some of the platforms the device works with:

  • Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Cisco WebEx
  • Google Hangouts

The Evolve 65t is also the first Unified Communication-certified earbuds, and they’re also certified with Skype for Business.

Professional-Quality Audio with a True Wireless Product

Being able to balance audio quality with a wireless mobility is a challenge that many audio manufacturers have taken on, and the Evolve 65t is Jabra’s answer to that challenge. Whether you work in a cube farm, have an office to yourself, or are constantly traveling, these wireless earbuds will deliver high-performance audio for either voice or music.

In comparison to other Jabra products, the only things the 65t doesn’t have are the active noise cancelation feature and a “do not disturb” light from the ear pieces.

If you’re ready to ditch your headphones and upgrade to top-of-the-line earbuds with a full range of features, then this pair could easily become part of your daily work equipment. Designed for professional office use, these earbuds can allow greater productivity and audio sophistication for support desk staff or anyone who could use some noise-cancelling help.

Where to buy:

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