Cord-free, Noise-free, Intrusion-free: The Jabra Engage 75 Headset


As the name itself indicates, Jabra’s Engage series is designed for call center staff who interact with phone customers. The Engage 75 is one of Jabra’s most sophisticated offerings and the top of the line of the Engage series. All the essentials are covered here along with some unique features that Jabra products are known for.

Wireless Functionality

For staff members who handle customer calls all day, being free from a cord is a huge advantage. The Engage 75’s Bluetooth capabilities enable employees to respond to calls from any location without feeling restricted to a desk. The headset has a range of 490 feet (150 meters), so you’ve can move around the office at a generous distance when necessary.

Audio Quality and Controls

In an open-office environment, wireless calls run the risk of having poor-quality audio, which is a major turnoff for customers. The Engage 75 solves this issue via its noise-filtering microphone, providing a clear, unhindered audio for both the caller and the call staff.

In addition to its volume controls, the headset also enables the user to customize the sound level itself. No matter how loud someone may be speaking on the line, the sound level will always remain the same without needing to make any volume adjustments.

Wireless Security, Status Light, and Batter Power

Digital security should never be taken lightly, and the Engage 75 is built to resist any unwanted guests, The headset uses 256-bit AES encryption and DECT security level C, the most robust level of telecommunications protection.

The Engage 75 also features a busy light to let others know you’re on a call so you’ll be able to avoid any awkward interruptions. Also, its battery’s 13-hour capacity can handle an entire shift without needing a recharge. Place the headset in its stand when not in use and charging will commence. When running low on power, the batter can reach 40% capacity from a half-hour of the fast-charge option.

Compatibility and Design

Compatible with both Macs and Windows machines, the headset is Skype for Business Open Office certified. Most Jabra headsets have the capability to wirelessly pair with two audio sources, yet the Engage 75 not only allows this functionality, but has the capability to simultaneous pair with a softphone, desk phone, and analog phone, all at the same time. No matter where your calls originate from, the Engage 75 will be able to accommodate your system.

The Engage 75 is available as either a stereo or mono model depending on your needs. The mono versions come in two different styles: headband or neckband (the latter shown below).

Built for Quality Customer Engagement

For anyone in sales or customer support who looking to up their headset game, Jabra’s Engage 75 should be a product to consider. With its range of cutting-edge features and noise reduction, the Engage 75 can add a boost to your call center’s productivity and deliver quality audio for customer interactions.

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