Jabra Engage 50: The Latest Headset Innovation


A call center is on the front lines of a business’s customer interactions. If bad connections are common on your calls, then you’ll be driving customers away and hurting your business. The success of a call center staff doesn’t just depend on the skills of the employees. Equipment also plays a key role.

The Jabra Engage 50 headset was designed with contact center staff in mind. Jabra markets this product as a “true digital headset,” since its chipset resides inside the headset itself, enabling greater software and hardware capabilities beyond what a typical USB headset could provide. If you’re looking to upgrade your support team’s equipment, the newly released Jabra Engage 50 offers a number of innovative features.

Audio Quality and Noise Reduction

First impressions mean a lot, and when a caller encounters a noisy connection with a help desk, it makes your company look bad. Eliminating those kinds of issues is a matter of ensuring you have the right equipment in use. Plus, call center staff’s ability to communicate hinges on clear connections, without a lot of interference on the line.

The Jabra Engage 50 is built with a trio of microphones that detect and minimize nearby noise, so that you can focus on the call. For those who spend hours each day handing major call volumes, this is a major advantage and can help employee productivity.

Status Lights and User Controls

In an open-office environment, knowing when someone is on a call or just trying to concentrate is mandatory. Fortunately, the Engage 50 also provides a “Do Not Disturb” light, which appears in red around the ear cups. The headset can also be set to “Available,” which lights up in green, letting others know you’re free for a quick conversation.

The headset’s control unit, attached to the headset’s cord, is where users can set their status lights. The control unit also offers volume controls, answer/end call buttons, and a mute option. The Engage 50 can also be customized with the downloadable Jabra Direct software, which also ensures that your headset has the latest firmware for bug fixes and updates.

Compatibility and Certification

Common to all Jabra headsets, the Engage 50 is compatible with all the major VOIP programs, including the following:

  • Avaya
  • Cisco
  • Genesys
  • Mitel
  • Unify

Additionally, Jabra products are certified with all the major communication options. The Engage 50 is certified for Skype for Business Open Office when using the Microsoft control unit.

A New Digital Choice for Call Center Productivity

The Engage 50 is one of the latest examples of Jabra’s leadership in audio products for professional use. This true digital headset’s functionality enables call center staff to take advantage of the latest achievements in headphone technology. In conjunction with your team’s expertise, the Engage 50 would help deliver customer satisfaction and drive the success of customer interactions that your business depends on.

The Jabra Engage 50 is also available with either stereo or mono capabilities depending on your needs.

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