The Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 : A Sequel Worth the Wait


The second edition to Microsoft’s Surface Laptop, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2, was released back in October with relatively high reviews from users. No massive changes were made to the newest Laptop, however there were a few notable improvements that left such rave impressions on users.

The design is similar to that of its predecessor, though it has now slimmed down considerably with a new and sleek look. The entirety of this laptop is approximately 2-3 pounds, making for an extremely portable device for users. It falls in between the 13-inch Macbook Pro, which weighs more at approximately 3 pounds, and the HP Spectre 3, which weighs a little less at approximately 2.4 pounds. Picture quality is definitely of note for this model, boasting a 2256 x 1504-pixel screen. The high quality screen resolution makes for an enjoyable experience, giving its users a clear and well-lit screen. Users can easily watch 4K videos with ease, without sacrificing on quality. The touchscreen feature is also on par with other models of the same variety, being extremely responsive without any lag. A quieter keyboard can also be found with this model, which makes for a much more comfortable and subtle typing experience without the clacking of older models.

A massive boost was added to the Surface Laptop 2 with its upgrade to the 8th-gen core microprocessor. This allows it to be much faster and more efficient during operation. It’ll give multi-tasker’s a run for their money! On the same note, the battery life of this new model makes for a faster and more portable system that users are craving. It is set to be at 45Wh, making for an excellent battery life. It lasts, without charging, for approximately 9 hours and 22 minutes. A good competitor for others laptops of this variety.

Microsoft heard the complaints from their last Surface Laptop, and made sure to make the switch that user’s wanted. The change from Windows 10 in S mode to Windows 10 Home is a much welcome change for regular Microsoft users. Windows 10 in S Mode limited users to a narrow selection of applications that could be used. Originally the change could be made with no additional cost, however an additional installation needed to take place in order to enjoy the Windows 10 Home experience. Gone is the need to upgrade, and instead Microsoft decided to install Windows 10 Home on all Surface Laptop 2 models. It makes the experience much more palatable for those used to an easy navigating experience.

All in all, if users are looking for a sleek and speedy laptop on the go, the Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 2 is definitely worth the investment. It keeps all of the features that were beloved of their first edition, and made small improvements upon it to allow for a more enjoyable laptop experience.   

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