The Latest Evolution in Office Headsets: The Jabra Evolve 80


Love it or hate it, the open-office layout has now become a standard for companies of all kinds, making phone conversations or just plain concentration a challenge.

If you’re a member of a help desk or are frequently in phone meetings, some dependable headphones and a high-quality mic are vital necessities. A less-than-optimal choice can have a direct effect on your productivity, so having the right equipment to fit your professional needs is crucial.

The Evolve 80 headset model from Jabra has been designed to provide noise-reduction capabilities in office settings while enabling excellent voice reception. Its range of functions makes it a strong contender for solving your phone challenges in an open office.

Noise Cancellation

Distractions from a busy office environment can make for a frustrating experience, especially for those in a call center. The Evolve 80 headset provides two different ways of eliminating unwanted noise:

  • Active: When activated, the headphones can detect surrounding noise and reduce it during a call or when listening to any audio source. Keep in mind you’ll need to charge the headphones before using this feature, which will last for 24 hours.
  • Passive: The headphones themselves can act as a noise reduction device simply on their own without the active noise cancellation at work. For situations when the noise level is mild but still distracting, the passive option provides an effective way to concentrate.

Busy Light

Simply wearing a pair of headphones might not be enough to signal to coworkers that you’re on a call. The Evolve 80 offers red lights on the exterior of the headphone cups that are activated when you’re busy. It’s a clear and effective means of conveying to others to not disturb you—and it’s built in. You don’t have to purchase a separate busy light indicator to install at your desk.

Intelligent Call Transfer

Usually, doing any kind of call transfer can fill someone with dread. You don’t want to lose the call but may not remember exactly how to do a successful transfer. With the Evolve 80 headphones, you can simply unplug your headphones from your laptop and plug them into your mobile phone; the call will then be transferred. If a situation arises when a transfer is necessary, that’s all you need to do.

Compatibility and Multifunctionality

The Evolve 80 can also be used beyond the office environment, such as for home stereos or gaming. It’s compatible with Mac or Windows, as well as with Microsoft Lync and Cisco Unified Communications. Its circular controller, attached to the headphone’s cable, enables you to adjust the volume, answer or end a call, mute a call, or activate the busy indicator.

One drawback is that they may not be best for those who require a large size of headphones, as they may be uncomfortable over long periods of time.

Quality Audio Capabilities Wherever

When you’re looking to upgrade your headset or need some superior noise-cancellation for a busy office, the Jabra Evolve 80 will deliver. As long as you’re not looking for mobility and don’t mind a wired device, this is an excellent choice. Although this model is primarily used for voice, it provides excellent music capabilities, so you could find yourself using it at both work and when relaxing at home due to its range of features.

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