Jabse tumhe dekha hai – Rafi/Asha – Ravi – Rajendra/Asha | Gharana (1961)



Jabse tumhe dekha hai appeared in 1961 Gemini Studios’ hit family drama Gharana (1961) produced and directed by S S Vasan. The movie starred Rajendra Kumar, Raaj Kumar, Asha Parekh, Bipin Gupta, Lalita Pawar, Devika, Shobha Khote, Agha, Vijayalakshmi, Krishna Kumari, etc.

Tyrannical Shanta (Lalita Pawar) runs the large household of her husband Ramdas (Bipin Gupta). Ramdas is a very religious but meek man, who allows his wife to bully everyone in the house. Gauri (Krishna Kumari) is the eldest widowed DIL of the house. She has 2 naughty little boys. Ramdas’ second son is Kailash (Raaj Kumar), who is married to Sita (Vijayalakshmi), who loves her husband and is devoted to him. College student Kamal is Ramdas’ youngest son. Kamal is in love with another student Usha (Asha Parekh).

When Kamal meets Usha for the first time in a garden; she misses her diary, which has all her details. Kamal locates her home and insists that she come with him to the garden on a date. He confesses his love for her and she blushes, happily. They sing this song.

Song – Jabse tumhe dekha hai:

Shakeel Badayuni has penned the lyrics of Jabse tumhe dekha hai and Ravi has set the music.

The man reveals that since he had set his eyes on the girl, she had filled his life with her love. The girl also admits that he is her very breath.

Video – Jabse tumhe dekha hai:

The cinematography is by P Ellappa. Dance choreography is by Gopi Krishna.

The video opens with the lead pair running toward the camera with a spring in their steps, in tune with the music that has already begun. Then, Asha Parekh slips her hand out of Rajendra Kumar’s grasp and rapidly moves away from him. They begin to sing the song. She dances along at some points.

The location is very beautiful. Asha Parekh sits in flowing water and sings along. There is a change of dress. Both enter the artificial waterfall and get wet. Purposely getting wet when there is no rain? Doesn’t make sense to me! Soon, the song peters out and the video ends as the lead pair leaves the garden.


Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bhonsle have given playback for this song and the onscreen performances are by Rajendra Kumar and Asha Parekh.

Cultural Influence:

This typically filmi song is one of my favorite romantic songs sung by Mohammad Rafi Sahab and Asha Bhonsle Ma’am. This song is fantastic. The video is watchable for the same.


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