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The song Mohabbat ke dushman was featured in a Prakash Mehra Productions and Chetan Enterprises’ romedy Chameli Ki Shaadi (1986) directed by Basu Chatterjee and produced by Sushil Gaur and Ramesh Ningoo. The movie starred Anil Kapoor, Amrita Singh, Om Prakash, Amjad Khan, Pankaj Kapoor, Anu Kapoor, Bharati Achrekar, Satyen Kapoo, Ram Sethi, Tabassum, etc.

Charandas (Anil Kapoor) is a wrestling aspirant and lives with his brother Bhajandas (Satyen Kapoo). Bhajandas wants his brother to marry and become a proper householder, according to Hindu Religious System. But, Charandas is hell-bent on becoming a wrestler and is even ready to follow his Guru, Mastram’s (Om Prakash) rules of remaining a bachelor till 40 years of age. However, fate has other designs on Charandas. He meets Chameli (Amrita Singh), the coal merchant, Kallumal’s daughter at the local coal depot and falls in love with her. Charandas begins to see Chameli everywhere. But, Mastram is adamant that since Charandas had become his disciple, he had to follow the Akhada rules.

Charandas visits Advocate Harish (Amjad Khan) for help and follows all his suggestions. Harish types a letter on his own typewriter for Charandas. Charandas sends this love letter to Chameli via a little boy. Chameli takes the advice of a friend Anita (Komal Mahuakar). Post exchange of a couple of letters, they meet. Anita is also present with Chameli during the meeting at an expensive restaurant, which had been pre-decided. Following Harish’s instructions, Charandas is in a formal suit and almost ignores Chameli, giving his almost entire attention to Anita. Chameli’s jealousy gets activated! She also decides to pay for the food, going against the instructions of Anita. Charandas is so courteous that even Anita is floored.

In the next meeting, Chameli acts offended due to Charandas’ behavior at the restaurant. Without realizing this, he asks her if he is poor, would she still be with him. Irked by Chameli’s behavior, he decides to leave. But, post a song they reconcile with each other. Anita meets them as they are returning home and despite Chameli’s discouragement, she takes them to the same restaurant, they had been before. Charandas does not have enough money to pay for their lunch and Anita pitches in.

But, Naththulal (Ram Sethi), the chef sees Chameli and Charandas holding hands in the restaurant and informs her parents. Chameli’s mother, Champa (Bharati Achrekar) imposes restrictions on her and with her father decides to get her married to someone from their community. Charandas gets to know about this and with his friends reaches Kallumal’s shop to rescue his beloved. He sings this song at that time.

Song Mohabbat ke dushman:

Anjaan and Kalyanji-Anandji have been credited with the lyrics and the music for this song.

This song is the man’s protest against the restrictions imposed by the girl’s parents on the young couple’s love and marriage.

Video – Mohabbat ke dushman:

The cinematography is by Ajay Prabhakar. Dance choreography is by Kamal.

The video opens with Anil Kapoor and his friends changing to Mogul-style dresses within the span of a blink. They charge to the gate of Pankaj Kapur’s coal shop. Anil Kapoor begins the song brandishing the sheathed sword in this hand. Pankaj Kapur and his servants also change to Mogul-style dresses in a jiffy.

Amrita Singh is seen chained to a couple of vertically placed logs. She is also wearing a Mogul-style dress. Behind her are strewed coal blocks (cooking fuel in the developing countries). Outside, several people are watching the fun. Initially, Anil Kapoor tries to convince Pankaj Kapur through request. When the older man does not relent, Anil Kapoor takes to force.

Some actors wearing Mogul dresses catch hold of Pankaj Kapur and others break the chains holding Amrita Singh. When the lead pair hugs, Pankaj Kapur bars them from uniting, using his sword. Amrita Singh pushes the sword away and moves closer to Anil Kapoor. The lead pair sits on each of the pans of the large metal balance (that is used to weigh coal in the developing countries).

Anil Kapoor, at this stage, changes the song to a qawwali with his supports playing the second fiddle. Pankaj Kapur separates the lead pair, again, by summoning some more of his servants. Anil Kapoor and his friends are pushed out of the coal outlet. The scene changes to that of a darbar or court, with Pankaj Kapur presiding over it.

Amrita Singh has been chained, again. Honestly, her playing innocent or naïve does not come naturally to her. She is more of a fearless Tom Boy type of a girl, according to me. When Anil Kapoor’s friends dance, Amrita Singh also joins them in the dance, despite being in chains! Pankaj Kapur’s servants ‘kill’ Anil Kapoor’s supporters.

Anil Kapoor ‘kills’ the servants, in anger, to rescue Amrita Singh. The 2 parties may or may not fight properly (this is hilarious); they are successful in breaking the darbar studio set! Soon, as the song reaches a crescendo, the servants run away and Anil Kapoor’s friends (who come alive again) are successful in rescuing Amrita Singh. The pace of the song dips.

With the servants gone, Pankaj Kapur himself comes face-to-face with the leading man. They have a sword fight, which alarms the leading lady. The fight ends in the ‘death’ of the older actor. The song and the video, also, end here.


Anwar had sung the playback for this song, which was performed onscreen by Anil Kapoor, Pankaj Kapur, Amrita Singh and others.

Cultural Influence:

The typically filmi song – Mohabbat ke dushman – asks for justice from the heroine’s father since the older man had restricted his own daughter – the heroine – from meeting the hero. The actual story of Moghul-e-Azam is different. The song sung by Anwar is funtastic. The song is watchable for Anil Kapoor and his funny dancing style especially made up for this movie.


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