High court: KY death row inmate’s case should get new look


WASHINGTON (AP) – The Supreme Court is telling Kentucky’s highest court to take another look at the case of a serial murder on death row.

The court Monday told the Supreme Court of Kentucky to revisit Larry Lamont White’s death sentence in light of a 2017 Supreme Court ruling. That ruling involved a man who claimed, as White does, that he shouldn’t be executed because he’s intellectually disabled.

White was sentenced to death in 2014 for the 1983 murder of Pamela Armstrong, a 22-year-old mother of five.

White had previously been convicted the 1985 killings of 22-year-old Deborah Miles and 21-year-old Yolanda Sweeney. He was sentenced to death for their murders, but that sentence was later overturned and White accepted a 28-year prison sentence.