Preview: Lettuce at the Vogue

Boston Funk Band Lettuce Comes to Play Indy’s Very Own Vogue

It’s been a cold few days down here in Indy and what better to warm us up than some good ol’ funk? Lucky for us, Lettuce, a provider of funk, is coming to play the Vogue on January 15th. So, in the interests of avoiding the freeze, go on down to the Vogue Theater and check them out!

A Brief History

As with many bands, the members of Lettuce all met in school. In this case, college. As teens, the future members attended Boston’s Berklee College, specifically their high school music program. There, they discovered a mutual affection for Herbie Hancock and the Tower of Power, which brought them together. Throughout the summer of 1992, they jammed. Two years later, as undergrads, they formed Lettuce and never looked back. They entered Boston’s jazz/funk scene, turning up at clubs and asking managers and fellow musicians “let us play”. Eventually, they just shortened the phrase to “let us” and then used the homophone, “lettuce” as their name.

However, their break didn’t come until almost ten years later, in 2002, when they released their first album, Outta Here. A year later they followed up their success with Live in Tokyo, recorded at Japan’s famous Blue Note jazz club. At that point, Lettuce began to develop a word of mouth following that kept them in the public eye. Even so, they didn’t release a sophomore album until 2008.

Since then Lettuce has continued to tour and put out new music. Most recently in 2017 withier their album Witches Brew, a love letter to jazz great Miles Davis.

Their Sound

Funk and jazz aren’t really too far apart, but they have enough separating them that any combination of the two is notable. Lettuce mixes it up by adding a little psychedelic to the blend, giving their sets a hazy, dreamy feel. Just imagine bopping down a neon-lit ally with a pleasant beer buzz, and you come pretty close to their sound.

So, as always. The venue is the Vogue Theater, door’s at 7:00.

See you there!

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