Prview: William Fitzsimmons at the Hi-Fi

Indie Singer-Songwriter William Fitzsimmons Plays Indy’s Hi-Fi on January 11

First and foremost: happy new year!

Now that 2018 is over, there’s just one thing to do. Just one thing. Give up? Go to a concert, of course! And with a fine act like William Fitzsimmons playing the Hi-Fi, what more excuse do you need? Fitzsimmons will appear on January 11th, so go down to Fountain Square and check him out.

A Brief History

Music runs in William Fitzsimmons’ family. Both his parents, who were also blind, played instruments recreationally and passed their love or music on to him. And love was the operative word. While his parents never had any professional aspirations, their Pittsburgh home featured a handmade pipe-organ build by Fitzsimmons father. However, Fitzsimmons had ambitions that went beyond playing in parlors.

Even so, his musical career didn’t come about until after he completed a Master’s in mental health counselling. During his graduate school career, he recorded a collection of songs that eventually became his debut album.

Initially, Fitzsimmons generated buzz through MySpace, but soon television networks began picking up his songs to use on their programs. In fact, his music featured on series as prominent as Grey’s Anatomy and Dollhouse.

Since then, his career has clicked steadily along, with him releasing new albums every two years or so. Hey, at least it got him out of Pittsburgh.

His Sound

Generally, Fitzsimmons is acoustical and folky, as one would expect from a mid-aughties indie solo performer. However, he has enough experimentalist spirit in him that he is more than willing to mix genres. For example, he will some times blend folk and electronica elements in his music. Moreover, he is skilled with a wide variety of instruments. Mostly plucked chordophones like the banjo and ukulele, but also obscure instruments like the melodica.

His lyrics usually touch on personal themes, such as divorce and family. Certainly, as a former mental health professional, he has a unique insight into his subject matter. The net effect is that his lyrics generally cleave to the soulful end of the spectrum.

So, as always, The venue is the Hi-Fi, door’s at 8:00PM.

See you there!


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