Song of the Day: “Christmas Time Is Here”


For today’s Song of the Day, I’d like to wish everyone out there a very merry Christmas, and happy holidays. I thought that, given the season, there was no way that the Song of the Day could be anything other than a Christmas song. It took a little while to settle on one, but after some deliberation, I had to go with the one Christmas song that holds the most emotional pull for me, personally.

“Christmas Time Is Here” is a song from A Charlie Brown Christmas, and it’s one that I listen to every year, even if I don’t watch the movie. It’s a jazzy tune, and I think is one of the reasons why I tend to associate jazz with Christmas. A lot of artists have covered this song over the years, but I still prefer the original.

Christmas Time Is Here

There are two versions of “Christmas Time Is Here” on the Charlie Brown Christmas album. The first is a six-minute jazz instrumental, while the second is a shorter vocal arrangement. The instrumental version was written and performed by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. The vocal version, sung by the choristers from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in San Rafael, California.

The song has a lovely tune, and manages to flit between joy and a hint of melancholy, which fits well with Charlie Brown’s angst and depression as he tries to decipher the true meaning of Christmas.

As with many Christmas songs, there’s also a bit of nostalgia to be found in “Christmas Time Is Here”, which is perhaps more of a feeling I personally associate with it rather than anything explicitly stated in the lyrics. Still, there may be some hints of nostalgia, if we look closely.

For example, take a look at the second and third verses.

“Snowflakes in the air / Carols everywhere / Olden times and ancient rhymes / Of love and dreams to share / Sleigh bells in the air / Beauty everywhere / Yuletide by the fireside / And joyful memories there”.

The references to “Olden times and ancient rhymes”, as well as “joyful memories there”, both seem to suggest feelings of nostalgia. This makes total sense if you think from the perspective of any adult. Don’t we all feel some nostalgia for the simpler days when we were young, and the magic of Christmas was still alive and real?

That about does it for today. I hope all of your holidays were spent with loved ones, and full of happiness and cheer. Until next time.



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