Season 15 of “The Voice” is over; some fans are not pleased


The moment millions were waiting for has come and gone – – season 15 of “The Voice” is over. In almost five hours spread over two days, “The Voice” crowned a winner. The winning came with less emphasis on what the final four would receive for prizes. In the past the final four all won new cars. This season, at least one of them, as in 2017, one of them isn’t old enough to drive yet. Prizes, however, are the least of this season’s problems.

“The Voice”: picking a winner

Chevel Shepherd, the 16-year-old country-singing almost wunderkind, has won. Shepherd’s performances were marked by her old school country yodeling. But there were times when she was difficult to hear. The problem was so pronounced that it seemed as if there were technical difficulties.

These kinds of follow-ups are always difficult. No one wants to make an artist, a teenaged one, at that, feel bad. And, any perceived negativity is rarely the fault of the singers. There is a system- – the audience votes. But, there is another system by which votes are counted or multiplied, and yet another that promotes certain artists. Fans, or former fans of “The Voice” have been vocal in their dismay regarding the results. Although, fans of Shepherd have been equally vocal in their support. Twitter was alive with tweets about a rigged system, racism (the two remaining black contestants were voted off first in the finale) and the idea that “The Voice” is a vehicle for country music.

More research is required to find which of these ideas is actually to blame. Audiences have made valid points in critiquing some of the singers. There was some vitriol against Chris Kroeze, whose strong country-rock sound actually should have made him a stronger contender. Actually, I thought he would win. Further, I thought Kirk Jay might come in second. I was caught off guard by Shepherd’s win. Although, I am not surprised by Kennedy Holmes’ being sent home. She is quite young. The increasingly younger ages of the contestants is another point of contention among fans of the show.

As a result of the outcry against “The Voice,” more people than usual claimed they would not be watching the show again. At least on Twitter, NBC is not responding to disappointed fans or any of the more serious claims. The problem, though, is that if enough audiences stop watching, “The Voice” might lose its No.1 spot. At least one Twitter user pointed out that the problem with very young contestants became a problem for “American Idol,” and contributed to the show losing its popularity. There might be some truth to that.

“The Voice”: how did we get here and what’s next?

This season of “The Voice” has been tumultuous. From Reagan Strange’s not singing during a battle, and somehow winning, to DeAndre Nico’s being upset at Adam Levine for his promotion of Strange, even though Nico sang (and did a more than decent job), to the awkward comeback stage idea, and now, Kirk Jay comes in third despite having high-ranking iTunes singles, and being the most original singer in the top four, arguably. The outcome is not sitting well with an audience already testy about the season’s drama.

Probably, as more one online commenter mentioned, “The Voice” should re-think the idea of allowing teenagers to perform on shows with adults. Part of the appeal of “The Voice” was that it was an outlet for adults who were too old, and otherwise outside of the “standards” of “American Idol.” Now that “The Voice” is the most popular performance show, it seems that someone has forgotten the show fills that gap.

While “The Voice” should be about more than just letting middle-aged people fulfill their dreams, there is sometimes a problem with having kids perform songs created for professionals. This is a problem in terms of lyrical content and in terms of physiological development. It is an idea worth visiting.

Tuesday night on “The Voice” was full of hype and ultimately disappointed many. The winner will take home $100,000 and a recording contract from Universal Music Group.

As far as changes go, one involves replacing a departing judge. Jennifer Hudson is leaving to star on the UK version of the show, and singer John Legend will take her place.

It is anyone’s guess how many people will tune and invest in season 16.



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