Song of the Day: “I’m So Free”


After a short break, Song of the Day is back. Today, we’ll be looking at one of my favorite songs from 2017. While a year may seem like old news to the fast pace of the internet, it’s still recent enough to not be outdated, right? If not, then I’m going to start feeling a lot worse about my age.

“I’m So Free” isn’t one of the top singles from Beck’s 2017 album “Colors”, but it is one of my favorites. “Colors” was Beck’s thirteenth studio album, released on October 13th, 2017 by Capitol. It’s sort of appropriate that Beck would release his thirteenth album on Friday the 13th. I could write an entire article just on that, but we’ll stick to the one song for now.

I’m So Free

From the first verse, Beck starts off with several lines of seemingly cryptic messages. With a little digging and some critical thinking, however, I think we can parse out what he’s saying. Let’s start with the first few lines.

“I’m on a tangent / Textbook ephemeral / Facts are confusing me / I’m so free now”.

Here, Beck seems to be pointing to the state of the internet, and it’s affect on his psyche. The fake news media wars and anger-filled rhetoric being spewed by everyone after our new president was elected wasn’t missed by Beck. But he ends this section with “I’m so free now”, which is a bit of a curve ball.

Beck continues with the same pattern for the next two quatrains, both of which drive similar points through.

“I see the silhouette of everything / I thought I ever knew / Turning into voodoo / I’m so free now”.

In the last lines before the pre-chorus, however, Beck shifts his focus from himself, to anyone listening. In these next lines, he’s inviting everyone to join him in abandoning the need to constantly immerse yourself in the never-ending news cycle.

“A panic cycle, sentimental / Feel it out until you know / It isn’t meant for you / I’m so free now”.

Pre-Chorus Rap

Just because it isn’t the nineties anymore doesn’t mean that Beck has abandoned his penchant for rapping. His rhymes aren’t really rhymes as much as they are simple repetitions. But at least he still keeps his thoughts focused on the theme of the song.

“I’m so free now / I’m so free now / And the way that I walk / Is up to me now / And if I breathe now / I could scream now / You can hear me / From Topeka to Belize now / I’m gonna freeze out / These enemies out / They never see what I got / No need to bend my knees down / Heaven forbid / Time is running out / Nothing new under the sun / Better get down”.

Final Thoughts

Sorry to have to cut this off before going further into the song, but I don’t want to spoil the whole thing. That’s no good. We don’t like spoilers.

More than anything, this song is one of my favorites because it was one that helped me relax a little, and cast my mind away from the maelstrom of tweets vying for my attention.  There’s only so much we have control over in our lives, but it’s so easy to fixate on all of the things we have no control over. This song helped me gain some perspective. And if that isn’t valuable, I’m not sure what is.


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