Preview: Genevieve at the Hi-Fi

Genevieve, Frontwoman of Company of Thieves, Comes to Indianapolis on December 21st

As we approach the Christmas season and out thoughts turn to family, let’s all remember one thing. There are still shows coming to Indy! Music never stops and neither should we. After all, what would the holidays be without song? Anyway, Genevieve, formerly of Company of Thieves, plays Indy’s Hi-Fi on the 21st. So, definitely go check it out.

A Brief History

Some acts just come full speed out of the gate, and Genevieve’s old group is certainly a member of the illustrious company. At their debut, they had already won several awards, including the New York Songwriter’s Circle Award for their song “Oscar Wilde”. Not bad, especially considering that their debut album Ordinary Riches (2007) was an independent release. Of course, not every debut album charts at number 5 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart either.

The band released one more album in 2011, but didn’t release anything past that. However, frontwoman Genevieve Schatz wasn’t about to leave the spotlight and instead went solo. In 2014, she released her debut single “Show Your Colors”. This was followed in 2015 by and EP of the same name.

In 2017, she rejoined Company of Thieves for a reunion tour. Time will only tell if another will follow.

Her Sound

While her sound might be poppier than her band’s, she’s no pop princess. She puts her indie chops on full display with multitextured melodies that keep it rough enough to be interesting. Performance-wise, she brings a powerful energy to her singing and her voice is commanding despite its relative weakness. While her lyrics are nothing special, i.e. good in form but unremarkable in content, she delivers them with conviction.

So, as always. The venue is the Hi-Fi, door’s at 8:00.

See you there!


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