Song of the Day: “Another Set of Issues”


Today’s Song of the Day is OK Go’s “Another Set of Issues”, the third track from their 2014 album “Hungry Ghosts”. I haven’t listened to much OK Go, and was only familiar with their music videos, and hits like “Here It Goes Again” before today. Once again, Spotify came to the rescue. “Another Set of Issues” popped into my Discover Weekly playlist, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I immediately liked it.

“Hungry Ghosts” was produced by David Fridmann, who has also worked with bands like The Flaming Lips and MGMT. You can definitely hear some similarities to these bands in “Another Set of Issues”.

Another Set of Issues

I do have to admit, that I’m not usually a big fan of OK Go’s music. Sure, it’s fine and catchy, upbeat and poppy. But my biggest complaint is that a lot of their songs, especially the singles, tend to just repeat the first minute over and over. I prefer a little more structural complexity in my music. But “Another Set of Issues”

Like many of their other singles, “Another Set of Issues” fits snugly in the sub-genres of power-pop, synth pop, and electric rock. The warbling synths, bell samples, and drum machines pull a lot of weight here. And the edition of Damian Kulash’s falsetto vocals gives “Another Set of Issues” the bittersweet taste of a broken relationship.

“It all seemed so perfect / It all seemed like everything was right / It all seemed so perfect / It all seemed so fine / Until it was not”.

And, like I mentioned earlier, the rest of the song is pretty repetitive. While there’s some variation in the verses, the chorus just repeats these lines.

“So keep your head down, keep your hands where I can see them / So keep your head down, keep your hands where I can see them now / This’ll all be over soon / This’ll all be over soon”.

“Another Set of Issues” is much more interesting musically than lyrically. The different textures it creates do a far better job at expressing an emotion, while the lyrics sound more like half-finished thoughts. Still, it’s catchy and poppy and fun.


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