“Arrest the President” is yet another protest song


“Arrest the President” is Ice Cube’s latest refutation of America’s current commander-in-chief.

If you can’t say much for President Trump’s tenure in office, you can at least admit that it has inspired many a protest song. Most of these songs see artists venting rage at the president and American political system.

Many people opposed to President Trump’s policies are feeling increasingly powerless. Last month election day allowed frustrated citizens to exercise their right to vote and to feel like they could make a difference in America’s tangled political system. Ice Cube chose that day, in particular, to release his song attacking the president.

“Arrest the President”

As protest songs go, Ice Cube’s lacks a certain amount of detail. The veteran rapper mentions Trump’s ties to Russia (Arrest the president, you got the evidence/That n***a is Russian intelligence (Okay)) and talks about the ongoing problem of systemic racism (They’ll treat us like hooligans/Throw ’em in, they don’t care what school he in), but he fails to delve deeply into specific Trump-ian policies that are causing division in the US.

In fact, the song is really nothing more than four minutes of Ice Cube vitriolically lamenting into a microphone. Some people online were hailing the song as a return to the politically-conscious and righteously angry rap that helped launched Ice Cube’s career. “Arrest the President” could very well have been that supposed return to form. The song’s title gave it direction, but Ice Cube’s execution lacks the precision of his earlier work.

Rappers in the Hour of Chaos

It’s no secret that America’s current president is divisive nor that he is upsetting a large swath of the population on a regular basis. That swath, which might be a majority, has felt powerless at times; music and satire have been refuges for those who feel there is nowhere to turn.

While it’s important to express oneself, one wonders if the Americans who oppose President Trump realize that the man in the Oval Office is a mere stand-in for the people and leaders who believe the same things he does? Some of those people believe with more conviction than the president himself.

“Arrest the President” might sound like a good idea, but look at who would be replacing him. There are more problems in America than replacing one man will fix.

That being said, I understand the anger.


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