Kavi Pradeep’s Death Anniversary


Today is Kavi Pradeep’s death anniversary. Born Ramchandra Narayanji Dwivedi in 1915, Kavi Pradeep was crowned Rashtrakavi or Poet Laureate for writing the song Aye mere watan ke logon… by the government of India. Dadasaheb Phalke Awardee (1997), he has written about 1700 songs and patriotic poems including lyrics for over 70 movies, in a career spanning 5 decades.

I have only reverence for the artist and the person called Kavi Pradeep. Not having lived during the release of most of his songs, I grew up listening to them over Vividh Bharati, Radio Channel and have been strongly influenced by his writings.

During the beginning of my career as a journalist, I had several dreams of interviewing stalwarts like Pradeepji. Unfortunately, the print magazines and newspapers that were giving me opportunities to write were not interested in old people! By the time one new publication gave me an opportunity, Kavi Pradeep expired and I lost the chance to meet him and take his blessings. 🙁

Bollywood and Kavi Pradeep’s Death Anniversary:

Here are some Bollywood songs, written by Kavi Pradeep:

Aaj Himalay ki chotise phir humne lalkara hai… Kismet (1943)

Upar gagan vishal… Mashaal (1950)

Dekh tere sansar ki halat kya ho gayi Bhagwan… Nastik (1954) He sang this song, as well.

Aao bachchon tumhe dikhayen jhaki Hindustan ki… Jagruti (1954)

Hum laye hain toofanse kishti nikalke… Jagruti (1954)

De dee humein aazaadi bina khadg bina dhal… Jagruti (1954)

Tere dhwar khada Bhagwan… Vaman Avtar (1955)

Doosron ka dukhda door karnewale… Dussehra (1956)

Pinjare ke panchire tera dard na jane koi… Naag Mani (1957)

Koi lakh kare chaturai… Chandi Pooja (1957)

Mukhda dekhle praani zara darpan mein… Do Behenein (1959)

Aaj ke insaan ko yeh kya ho gaya… Amar Rahe Yeh Pyar (1961)

Toot gayi hai mala… Harishchandra-Taramati (1963)

Yahan wahan jahan tahan… Jai Santoshi Maa (1975)


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