Actor Shatrughan Sinha’s Birthday


Today is Actor Shatrughan Sinha’s birthday, as well. Born Shatrughan Prasad Sinha on this day in 1945, he is a politician, as well. He made famous the word – Khamosh – with his rendering style. 2016 saw the release of his biography Anything but Khamosh. He has studied acting from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. He is one of my favorite actors of Bollywood. I like his typical dance style, as well.

I have seen him from within a couple of feet distance. Unfortunately, I was very tiny at that time. I don’t even know, if I had begun going to school. We had, actually, gone to meet Hema Malini at Filmistan Studios. We happen to bump into him. Someone shook hands and spoke to him. He laughed his usual laugh. I shook like thin paper. I was standing quite close to him. But, he did not notice me. Miniscule people like me are always ignored. 🙁

Bollywood and Actor Shatrughan Sinha’s Birthday:

Here are some of my favorite Bollywood songs featuring Shatrughan Sinha, from the 1970s:

Dil ka soona saaz tarana dhoondhega… Ek Naari Do Roop (1973)

Sharbati teri ankhonki… Blackmail (1973)

Aa bata den yeh tujhe kaise jiya jata hai… Dost (1974)

Baar baar tumko hum sabka pranam… Kaalicharan (1976)

Sai Nath Tere hazaron hath… Shirdi Ke Sai Baba (1977)

Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai… Aadmi Sadak Ka (1977)

Honth hain tere do laal heere… Heera-Moti (1979)

Tumhare bin guzare hain kai din ab na guzrenge… Atmaram (1979)

Ho tera bitwa jawan hoi gawa… Gautam-Govinda (1979)


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