Behind the Music of “Rick and Morty”: Part 3


To wrap up our discussion of the music behind “Rick and Morty”, we’ll be looking at the recently released, double album soundtrack from the show. The soundtrack is filled with a collection of twenty-six songs from seasons one through three.

While most of the songs were written by Ryan Elder, Dan Harmon, and Justin Roiland, there are a few exceptions. Contributions from various artists include Chaos Chaos, clipping, Belly, Blonde Redhead, Mazzy Star, and Chad Vangaalen.

The Rick and Morty Soundtrack

“Rick and Morty” is one of the more innovative, clever, and hilarious shows on TV right now, and a good deal of its humor comes from its accompanying music. Unfortunately, not all of the humor can be extracted from just listening to this soundtrack. While it may be a must-buy for die hard fans, you can get so much more from re-watching any single episode.

Not to say that there aren’t any gems to be found in the soundtrack’s two discs. If you ever wondered about Dan Harmon’s freestyle rapping skills, you can hear them on “The Flu Hatin’ Rap” and “Alien Jazz Rap”. There’s also a remixed version of “Get Schwifty”, one of the most popular songs from the show. Still, without the context from the show, and goofy visuals that go along, it’s hard to get into these songs in the same way.

As far as the music itself, Chaos Chaos takes the cake with the atmospheric “Do You Feel It” and “Memories”. They also collaborated with Justin Roiland on “Terryfold”, arguably turning it into more of a real song with their harmonies and instrumentation.

Most of the music from “Rick and Morty” is quite catchy, although a lot of the tracks are simple parodies of different genres. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t much of an overall flow, or any other connecting thread that links the songs together. But maybe for most listeners its enough that they all come from the same, hilarious show.

The album was quite unpopular with Pitchfork, which only rated it 5.2 out of 10. “Taken on their own, most of the original music is decent comedy rap, which is to say, imminently disposable except to the people for whom comedy rap is an absolutely fundamental, Ten Commandments-level genre”.

Final Thoughts

So, if you’re a big fan of the show, and love all of the music in it, I’d say sure, it’s worth it to invest in the double-album. And there’s a good chance that a lot of “Rick and Morty” fans are the kind that will respond well to a mostly comedy rap album, despite what Pitchfork has to say about it.

All things considered, it really depends on what you expect to get out of the soundtrack. If you’re in for a bunch of goofy songs interspersed with a few more emotional tunes, go for it. But if you’re looking to sink into something more musical, I’d say just go for a Chaos Chaos album instead.



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