“Voice” alum Kyla Jade releases not one, but two Christmas songs


It isn’t always that audiences get to hear releases from finalists and other former cast members. So Kyla Jade’s Christmas songs come as a pleasant surprise. The songs are available on iTunes, Spotify and Deezer. The songs are Kyla Jade’s versions of Christmas classics. They show the singer employing even more maturity and development than she used on “The Voice.”

The recordings are significant because one of the critiques of the show has been that the winners and finalists seem to drop off, as in, no one ever hears of them again. Kyla Jade seems to be making sure that such does not happen to her.

In addition to the Christmas releases, Kyla Jade also has a collection featuring some of her best work from “The Voice.” Her versions of “A Little Help From My Friends” (the style made popular by Joe Cocker), “You Don’t Own Me,” “This Is Me,” and “Let It Be,” make for great listening for people who have missed her singing on the show, and the overall dynamics of that season of the performance show.

“Dear Christmas” is a stylish and bluesy treasure for those who thought that singers of a certain generation only sang in a particular way. Kyla Jade’s voice is grown up and as always, she makes a habit of owning the songs she performs, no matter who might have sang them first.

Dear Christmas by Kyla Jade

With only two songs, devoted fans of the singer will have to content themselves with the other releases to actually be satisfied. However, the songs are good. Her version of “Let It Snow” actually finds the singer sounding like Estelle: her phrasing is both clipped and hip. Words that have had their endings clipped, find those words looped into the beginning of the words in the next phrase. The style is not just stylish; it is also aware. The jazz setting of the song also adds to the modern and snappy flare of the track.

The star of the release is “Merry Christmas Baby.” With only two songs, the competition is not steep, however, the blues orientation of this track allows Kyla Jade’s voice to shine. Not only does her voice sound slightly more nuanced than it might have in the past, she sounds as if she has been  singing this way for decades—in a way she has.

A veteran of Gospel singing in church choirs, and in the Nashville Super Choir on BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel, Kyla Jade’s voice sounds as well-trained and experienced as it is. Thus, her runs, her vamping, all sound confident and expressive. She doesn’t sound like a new singer just trying out all the stylistic turns available to her. Everything here is purposeful and that is what makes the song even more engaging.

Hopefully, especially for fans of Kyla Jade’s from “The Voice,” the singer will continue to make music that she loves and to which fans will respond positively. If her Christmas release is any indication, Kyla Jade will have a long and rewarding career.



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