“OFF-WHITE” owner Virgil Abloh uses irony to connect with humanity



Image result for virgil abloh iconic imageVirgil Abloh owns the company, “Off-White” and serves as a revolutionary spirit within the fashion universe. His purpose resonates with ironic detachment through the use of air quotes and rejection of subjective norms.

“Abloh rejects the who-did-it-first mentality of previous generations in favor of the copy-paste logic of the Internet and its inhabitants. His new order is protected by a fortress of irony” (Highsnobiety).

While in their teens, Abloh and his pals would ship their design ideas to Nike in the form of new sneakers. More times than not, Nike would respond with rejection.

According to Nike, “Abloh took his early design education — drawn from athletic footwear, hip-hop and rock album covers and graffiti, he says — and merged it with formal training in architecture and engineering.” 

Abloh’s collaborative endeavor with Nike, “The Ten” explores the very constructs and ideologies that dominate sneaker culture. “The Ten” details Abloh’s efforts to hack original sneaker concepts and blend them into contemporary pieces with personality and equal value.

“Pillars of upbringing”

Virgil differentiates himself from other designers with his distinct vision and points of view. His insight within the cultural hemisphere originated with Michael Jordan and Kurt Cobain, individuals he reveres as, “pillars of upbringing.”

As a brilliant creative, Virgil aims to leave remnants of generational input by infusing the upside of our universe into everyday life. While on stage for Nike‘s Off Campus forum, Virgil spoke at length about discovering and latching upon his favorite sources of inspiration. Fusion through union aptly describes the way which Virgil receives inspirational gall. Through constructive conversation, imaginative dialogue and iteration, Abloh has redefined an entire genre.

It is important for someone like to Abloh to properly assess the culmination of what his audience desires. The intricate design process relies on more than just the product itself. Much like music, the reception and interaction with the product determine its feats and flaws.

“Since nothing is going to be perfect anyways, do it on the next one. Iterate. There’s no wrong answers in design.” (OffCampus)

Virgil Abloh participates in lectures and does a brilliant job passing along knowledge in a very relatable manner. He views Off-White as his teenage fantasy playing out through a nearly fourty year old’s endeavors. He encourages the youth to try their hand at everything in order to truly discover what their great at. Aspiring artists should fully intertwine themselves early and often to find their “why.” What are you working toward and what lineage are you building?

To answer these questions he speaks to the importance of taking risks and dares the youth to put themselves out there to create an impactful spinoff.

In order to obtain the level of success Abloh has attained, an individual must bypass intermediate goals. He is a man who breaks the boundary of human potential. 

Tangible “3D” objects

 In a world full of hand-me-downs and copycats, being distinctly unique proves to be difficult. Through re-identification, Abloh proceeds to demolish obstacles, challenge preconceived notions and meet objectives with highly influential companies.

The 45- minute discourse that took place in conjunction with Nike and Off Campus provided several gems for the buying public. Two important qualities every designer must have is a creative obsession and curiosity. Much of Abloh’s tactical procedures deal directly with adding “lifestyle layers” to the product. 

Obsessive and curious creative landscapes

Some of the distinctive elements of Abloh’s creative arsenal depend upon recontextualization. His most significant critique of fashion design fixates upon complacent behavior. Complacency and a comparative mentality deters the maximum potential that designers possess. As a matter of fact, he actually encourages aspiring creatives to put out bad work and practice as non-perfectionists as that is the way to develop mastery and discover true purpose. Rules are meant to be broken and the world is not a literal place.

By using irony as a tool of modern creativity and humor as an entry point to humanity, Virgil has cracked the code of what it takes to completely build self-awareness in order to advance within the field of life. His loaded message in disguise overtakes the genre at hand and create a difference that is heavily noticed within the target market.

Clearly, Abloh inhabits an inherent sense of style that transcends generations. His most influential landscapes can be attributed to innovation merged with raw avant-garde intentions.

Without a doubt, Virgil’s longevity will prove to outlast his counterparts as long as he fixates his everlasting focus upon critical curation.

Millennial zeitgeist

Some of Virgil’s most notable inspirations are Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Dong Ping Wiang, Oana Stanescu, Marchel Duchamp, Donald Judd, Peter Saville (mentor), and Jim Jo.

Last March, he replaced Kim Jones as the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton. He has been praised for the innate creativity and disruptive nature he has incorporated throughout his livelihood.

Virgil Abloh showed his inaugural collection at the Domaine du Palais-Royale gardens in Paris.

It began with “accessomorphosis” which Abloh described as a portmanteau which facilitates the transformation of an accessory into a garment. This term formulated the basis of the 56-look collection coined “Colour Theory.”

Virgil’s Vocabulary

A double-breasted wool-mohair blazer fused with a white leather bib, a pencil-case pouch; a leather vest, embossed with the fashion house’s signature monogram, with protruding structured pockets and anoraks  cut away at the back to make way for an attached bum bag.

Additionally, Virgil created the first ever monogram-less trunk with significant black detailing which resembles a portable guitar amp.

Much of the process became streamable via Instagram’s new long-form launch of IGTV. Virgil became one of the first, if not the first, major influencer to use Instagram.


 Abloh constantly evolves and as the new creative director of Louis Vuitton, he has caused their organic revenue growth to spike significantly.





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