Preview: Cannibal Corpse at the Vogue

Death Metal Veterans Cannibal Corpse Play Indy’s Vogue Theater on November 29th

Now that we have turkey day out of the way and the Christmas season looms, why not forget the stress with some good old death metal? Cannibal Corpse plays the Vogue Theater on the 29th, so come headbang all that holiday strain away!

A Brief History

Cannibal Corpse actually has its origins in the 1988 demise of three Buffalo-area metal bands. Immediately after, musicians from all three bands came together and started playing under the name Cannibal Corpse. They found their first gig at Buffalo’s River Rock Café less than a year later as well as releasing their first demo tape. The tape in question, a five-track EP simply called Cannibal Corpse, found its way into the hands of label Metal Blade Records. Metal Blade Records wasted no time in signing the fledgeling band, and their first LP Eaten Back to Life came out within a year.

Lucky break for them, but success has its price and Cannibal Corpse paid for theirs in controversy. Of course, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but they came close to disproving that notion. In 1995, for example, Cannibal Corpse came under fire from Senator Bob Dole who accused them, along with other acts, of undermining the national character. However, they’ve persisted through the years, despite attempts by multiple countries to ban them. Besides, when you write songs with titles like “Molested and Dismembered”, you’re probably going to upset somebody.

Their Sound

Cannibal Corpse’s primary draws on horror films as inspiration for their material. Musically, they incorporate the usually death metal stylings, but their primary focus is on their lyrics. In the past, member George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher has described their songs as short stories that someone could turn into horror movies. Other than that, they are notably uninterested in politics or currant events.

So, as always. The venue is the Vogue, door’s at 7:00PM.

See you there!


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