Carla Campopiano delights with flute-filled jazz and tango


Forthcoming Dec. 7, 2018, is “Chicago/Bueno Aires Connection” by Carla Campopiano. The flutist spins beautiful rhythms and tones throughout songs to give a twist to traditional tango. The relatively short album is full of engaging sounds. Campopiano’s mastery of the flute is heard not only in the tones, but in the sometimes dizzying speeds in which she plays. A song not to be missed is “Sacachispas.”

About Carla Campopiano

A native of Argentina, Campopiano has been an integral part of the Chicago jazz scene since 2015. Campopiano grew up surrounded by the melodies and rhythms of candombe, chacarera, milonga and tango.

Campopiano’s education includes earning a Bachelor of Arts from Empa Escuela De Musicia Popular de Avellaneda in Argentina. Since moving to Chicago, Campopiano has led the Yuyo Verde Tango ensemble, served as artistic director of Bajo’l Puente Productions. She has also performed in a variety of settings. Her work comes not just with an outpouring of musical expression, but also from the research she has done on the history of tango. Research, plus her involvement in the Chicago jazz scene has led to the current album, which blends all of Campopiano’s efforts together.

Of her new album, Campopiano has stated, “Chicago/Buenos Aires Connections” is the outcome of the coming together of these two contrasting musical worlds into a new concept, always respecting their traditions, binding them through their common elements and celebrating the differences between them.”

“Sacachispas” by Carla Campopiano

The flute draws listeners in. Like an explorer with a map, audiences will find the flute intriguing and follow it to hear how it winds around the rest of the soundscape. Part of the fun is to listen for when the flute begins a dizzying motif – – just when audiences were sure that the playing could not get any faster, it does.

Meanwhile, the tango elements remain, giving the song its rhythmic underpinnings. The word joyous comes to mind. Clearly, the song’s spirit serves to celebrate something. Perhaps the two different music traditions that Campopiano has intertwined in the work.

The song is not long. Its brevity will be a disappointment to some, but there are five other songs that bear Campopiano’s signature style-melding. In short, an album not to be missed. Get it from CDBaby, Amazon and iTunes.



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