Birdie Bollywood (II)


Birdie Bollywood (II)I had said that I would share another post on Birdie Bollywood. So here it is Birdie Bollywood (II). In the previous post, I had shared songs having the names of different classes of birds in the lyrics. Today, Birdie Bollywood (II) deals with a list of songs with the word – panchi (generic word bird).

The lyricists of yore would incorporate different words in their verses not only to rhyme but also recite some story. Thus, these lyrics had deep meaning in them. Unfortunately, very few songs today have such deep meaning. The shallow words are selected randomly to rhyme and fit into the catchy tune. People have told me that is the reason why most songs are not remembered beyond a few months, at the most.

Birdie Bollywood:

Here are some Bollywood songs having the word Panchi in their lyrics:

Ban ke panchi… Anari (1959)

Aaja panchi akela hai… Nau Do Gyarah (1957)

Hum panchi mastane… Dekh Kabira Roya (1957)

Panchi banoon udti phiroon… Chori Chori (1956)

Chal ud ja re panchi… Bhabhi (1957)

Panchi chidiya pawan ke jhonke… Refugee (2000)

Dil mera ek aas ka panchi… Aas Ka Panchi (1961)

Jaare jaare ud jare panchi… Maya (1961)


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