Post-Apocalypto Review: Chapter 4 – Robot


If you’re one of the few still following this, you’ll know that I haven’t had the most confidence that I’ll end up liking “Post-Apocalypto”. So far, the story has been trite, the drawings crude and fumbling, and the attempts at humor either so obvious you saw it coming a mile away, or so outlandish that you wonder how it made it through the edits (if there were any).

Anyway, this episode took a slight turn for the better, even though it started off shaky.


Last time, our heroes braved the depths of space, only to return home, once again searching for a way to survive. In the last scene of Chapter 3, however, we did get a nice cliffhanger that pays off in “Robot”. Hint: We saw a robot. A terminator-knock off, to be more precise. And it was ominously watching our heroes.

Synopsis: Chapter 4 – “Robot”

This episode starts with Jack and Kyle on the perpetual road. Upon spotting a Quick-E-Mart, they pull over for gas and some casual looting. But as they’re about to feast on Twinkies, a big, genital-monster grabs Jack, Kyle, and Hope in its tentacles.

Turns out, the genital-monster was the father of the one Hope killed in Episode 2 – “Cave”, and he was there for revenge. He sings the “Daddy Ding Dong Song” before being blown up by the robot, whose role we could now understand was that of the watchful guardian.

But there’s more. Apparently, the robot was sent from the future by Jack Black’s genius son (remember, from Episode 2?). Robot plays a hologram message from JB’s son, who instructs them to go on a journey to the White House, to retrieve the Crystal of Gilgamesh. But danger lies ahead, as well.

Immediately, Robot starts coming off too strong. He starts to sing about how he’ll take care of them, how they’ll all be great friends; and once he joins the band, he’ll start writing all of the lyrics. This is the last straw for Jack and Kyle, who turn Robot down. Then another song, as Robot sings his sorrowful lament, “Robot”.

After hearing the song, Jack and Kyle accept him on a few conditions involving boundaries and personal space. And, it wouldn’t be Tenacious D without one final, graphic scene of sex with a robot vagina. I almost thought they could get through a whole episode without it, but who am I kidding? It’s their bread and butter.

Song – “Daddy Ding Dong Song”

Here we get a nice interlude with a song from the perspective of the monster “Daddy Ding Dong”. The father of “Cracka Lacka Ding Dong”. While the subject matter is ridiculous, Tenacious D don’t hold back their commitment. It’s a full-metal raging song, and Jack Black’s innate craziness (along with impressive vocal control and range) allows him to pull it off.

Song – “Robot”

This song is the reason I liked this episode more than the the others. There’s something about a sad, lonely robot that just pulls my heartstrings ever so slightly. Just take a look at these lyrics.

“No one will put me in their band / Cus everyone hates a robot / But I am such a good robot / I am not an evil robot understand / I am just a simple robot hold my hand”.

I mean, come on. How can you not feel sorry for this robot? It was just doing its job, and it is such a good robot.

For making me empathize with an imaginary robot, this song has now jumped to my favorite thing about “Post-Apocalypto”.

Final Word

Overall, this was one of the better, if not the best episode I’ve seen of “Post-Apocalypto” so far. All credit goes to the robot. He introduces a new quest, connects dots from previous episodes, and comes in with a killer song.

I was well-prepared to remain disappointed, but “Robot” left me pleasantly surprised. And, I’ll say it. Maybe slightly hopeful that Tenacious D can bring this one home.



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