Preview: The Main Squeeze at the Vogue Theater

Local Favorites the Main Squeeze to Play Indy’s Vogue Theater

Sometimes a simple hobby becomes something much more, as the Main Squeeze demonstrates. In fact, they are coming to the Vogue Theater to demonstrate it live. So, on November 21st, why not go down and enjoy watch dreams come true?

A Brief History

The Main Squeeze wasn’t really supposed to be much of anything. Of course, a lot of things start that way. The Main Squeeze was actually just a party band in the beginning, nothing more than a way to spice up get-togethers at IU. This was back in 2010, when Obama wasn’t even through with his first term yet and the smartphone was still a marker of status. However, the fledgling funk band turned out to be a cut above your average college party throw-together and caught the attention of producer Randy Jackson. Jackson produced the Main Squeeze’s first album Mind You Head, which netted them some critical likes and put them into the professional world. Since then, their sound has continued to mature as they’ve put out a number of well-regarded albums. It really is more about where you end up than where you come from.

Their Sound

Funk, duh. Well, that’s simplifying things a little too much. Actually, these bands generally don’t have a sound that represents one genre only and Main Squeeze is no exception. Their sound is actually a mishmash of funk, hip-hop, and even a little jazz. That said, they do have a very seventies sound and wouldn’t feel out of place opening for George Clinton back in the day. Of course, as you can probably tell, the don’t just slavishly follow their predecessors either. With their bleeping synths and soul-style vocals, they have a sound all their own. Give or take a few dozen influences.

So, as always. The venue is the Vogue Theater, door’s at 8:00PM.

See you there!

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