Post-Apocalypto Review: Chapter 3 – Space


Today, we reach the halfway point in Tenacious D’s “Post-Apocalypto”. If you’ve been following this series of articles, and haven’t yet reached your nonsense-threshold, buckle up. Because in this episode, Tenacious D head to space.

But before we begin our review, one quick note. If you’re one of those people who get annoyed by inconsistent narrative logic and clumsy plot devices, beware. Triggers lie ahead. Consider this a warning.


Last episode, Jack and Kyle narrowly escaped being speared to death by a clan of warrior women. Saved by their now three-headed dog Hope, they once again hopped on their motorcycle, and rode across the desert wasteland.

Synopsis: Chapter 3 – “Space”

Coming in at just over fourteen minutes, “Space” is so far the longest episode we’ve seen in “Post-Apocalypto”. It’s a bit of a gamble for Tenacious D to rely on attention spans longer than five minutes, but they manage to make up for this by keeping the episode moving at a quick pace.

We begin yet again in the desert wasteland, following Jack and Kyle on their motorcycle singing, “I Want It That Way”. They pull over as they approach a spaceship being loaded by astronauts. After speaking with one of them, they learn that these astronauts are MIT scientists, heading to a space station filled with the world’s richest celebrities and smartest minds.

After being denied passage, Tenacious D audition for a spot on the ship by playing a song. When they finish, the scientist agrees to take Jack, but not Kyle. After promising to change the system from the inside, Jack hops on board, leaving Kyle alone. As Kage watches from the wasteland, Hope runs off, leaving him more alone than before.

Up in space, Jack has the time of his life. He meets Elon Musk, parties hard, and has lots of sex. But when he’s caught sleeping with Musk’s wife, Elon calls security. Just then, Johnny Depp inexplicably appears in character as Jack Sparrow, and crashes a pirate ship into the space station.

Back on Earth, Kyle stands on the edge of a cliff, about to commit suicide. Before he jumps, though, he hears a familiar voice. Yes, Jack comes back for his best friend. And Hope comes back with him. As they once again take to the road, the last shot shows that the two are being watched by a terminator robot.

Song – “Take Us Into Space”

This episode’s song comes in as Tenacious D audition for safe passage to the space station. Mostly, this song is their tribute to mother earth, and a chance for the two to say goodbye to the world they once knew.

Then, since it’s Tenacious D, they fantasize about having sex and partying in space with Elon Musk. There’s really not much else to it.

Final Word

Halfway through “Post-Apocalypto”, we were sort of hoping that there’d be some hint of a longer story arc. Unfortunately, this is just another short with its own, self-contained adventure. We’re worried that only more of the same is in store for us as we continue our journey through “Post-Apocalypto”.

So, if you’re following, and your hopes are still up for an epic, cohesive story, maybe reevaluate those expectations. We doubt you’ll find much else besides a string of incoherent, but funny, stand-alone episodes.

Next time: Chapter 4 – “Robots”.




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