Preview: Guster at the Vogue Theater

Acclaimed Indie Band Guster Comes to Play the Vogue Theater

Halloween has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the fun needs to stop! Case in point, classic indie band Guster comes to play Indy’s Vogue Theater on the 14th!

A Brief History

1992 was a pretty good year, all told. Quinton Tarantino made his directorial debut with Reservoir Dogs, Nirvana changed popular music for all time, and Apartheid ended in South Africa. Also, a group of Tufts students formed a modest band called Guster. Initially calling themselves Gus, they had to change their name after another artist going by that name singed a major deal. Aside from minor identity crises, most of those early years involved writing songs while they hung out in each other’s dorm rooms. That all changed in 1994 when they released their debut album, Parachute.

The album caught on quickly in the 90s alternative scene, catapulting Guster to (minor) fame and (paltry) fortune. Not content to rest of their laurels, they began work on another album in 1996. 1997’s Goldfly, proved to be an even greater success, which got them the notice of producer Steve Lilywhite. Until then, Guster had been releasing and their albums independently, which didn’t leave them a lot of money left over for promotion. However, Lilywhite changed all that after he produced their third album Lost and Gone Forever. Among other things, his backing got them a booking on the David Letterman Show and eventually a slot at Woodstock ’99.

Since then, Guster has continued to release albums and tour. A working band, they nonetheless remain highly regarded in the alternative scene.

Their Sound

Unsurprisingly, they have bee around for twenty-six years after all, Guster’s sound had changed over the course of their career. Parachute, for example, has a simple acoustic sound with folky accents. However, as they produced more music, their sound gradually became more sophisticated. These days, their wispy vocal harmonies and 60s pop-rock borrowings invite comparisons to the Shins. Of course, they differentiate themselves with some country-rock borrowings that give their material a pleasant, down-home feel.
So, as always. The venue is the Vogue Theater, door’s at 8:00PM.

See you there!

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