Kanye West recants his political position, but how much does it matter?


In an unexpected turn of events, Kanye West has recanted, or so it seems, the political positions that have made him unpopular with parts of his fan base and fellow rappers. The rapper’s alliance with President Trump, his subsequent visit to the White House where he professed “love” for the president, and his problematic views on slavery and the 13th Amendment all kept West in the news and inspired backlash from other celebrities and fans.

But now, according to the Daily Beast, West is having second thoughts. Or, if not second thoughts, the rapper has at least decided to stay away from conservatives. The Daily Beast claims that “Pro-Trump activists are fuming after Kanye West’s announcement that he’s “distancing” himself from politics, with the blame falling on two right-wing personalities…”

Allegedly, Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens are believed to have pushed West too far for their own interests and as a result, made the rapper withdraw. Apparently, just when the political right needed most.

Pro-Trump activists claim that both Kirk and Owens experienced greater “mainstream” popularity after aligning themselves with West. Owens went so far as to become “a sometimes-member of West’s crew” according to the Daily Beast. Kirk, on the other hand, “got a wardrobe boost from West, who gave him a pair of his Yeezy 700’s sneakers,” The Daily Beast further reports.

Kanye West and right-wing politics: so what happened?

For people without knowledge of either Kirk or Owens, West’s sudden silence could be read a couple of different ways. However, there was the Twitter message from West in which he claims that “My eyes are wide open and now realize I’ve been used to spread messages I don’t believe in.”

How, then, were West’s eyes opened? And, if he has fallen out with Kirk and Owens, does that mean Ye, as West is sometimes called, regrets his White House visit and his overly friendly meeting with the president? The tweet does find West declaring “I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative!!!”

But how did West and the public that follows him, get here? Apparently, there was much to do about a t-shirt. Owens is part of a movement that is encouraging black people to move away from the Democratic Party. Called “Blexit,” the group’s t-shirts apparently were designed by a (as yet nameless) colleague of West’s. According to West’s tweet, the other designer “didn’t want their name on it, so she used mine. I never wanted any association with Blexit.”

The message is clear enough, but it seems insufficient to make people forget about West’s moment in the spotlight at the White House. Some fans have responded that West’s sudden turn is the result of adjusted medication, which is nothing to joke about, whether or not it’s true, and still others think that the switch is because the attendant publicity backfired on West, and so now he’s rejecting it.

It seems that West is thinking for himself now. Failure to explicitly state that he regrets his statements on slavery and his visit to the White House, though, will more than likely keep West in an awkward position with fellow rappers and the public.


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