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Almost every human being has one relative, at least. Having relatives and family is a part of our being social animals. Some of several close relatives can be grandparents, parents, uncles and aunties, siblings, brothers and sisters-in-law, other in-laws, etc. Bollywood is in the habit of often talking about these relations. Thus, today’s topic is Relatively Bollywood. Today’s listicle of Bollywood songs includes all the above relationships. Unfortunately, I did not find any songs talking about cousins.

Relatively Bollywood:

Here are some Bollywood songs addressing relatives that I am fascinated about:

Dadi Amma Dadi Amma maan jao… Gharana (1961) This song is about the bond between a grandma and her 2 grandchildren.

Dadajiki chadi hoon main… Udhar Ki Zindagi (1994) The granddaughter is in a funky mood and follows her grandpa everywhere.

Usko nahin dekha humne kabhi… Daadi Maa (1966) 2 men eulogize their mother, in this song.

O Babul pyare… Johnny Mera Naam (1970) The father is the main entity in this song.

Babul ki duayen leti ja… Neel Kamal (1968) The father is sorrowful due to the departure of his daughter to her husband’s place, post her marriage.

Mama o Mama o Mama Mama Mama… Parvarish (1958) The maternal uncle reigns supreme in this song.

Behnane Bhai ki kalaise… Resham Ki Dori (1974) The brother and sister bond is depicted in this song.

Jijaji Jijaji honewale Jijaji… Saajan Bina Suhagan (1978) The brother-in-law is addressed in this and the next songs.

Jijaji Jijaji meri Didi hai anari… Ponga Pandit (1975)

Main sasural nahin jaoongi… Chandni (1989) In this song, all the in-laws are mentioned including husband.

Biwi Biwi Biwi… Khoj (1989) This is a special song about wife.


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