Preview: Lake Street Dive at the Vogue

Lake Street Dive Comes to Indy on October 29th! See the 60s Revivalists Live at Our Very Own Vogue!

In case you somehow missed the banner up top, Lake Street Drive is coming to play the Vogue Theater on the 29th. The Boston based band brings their eclectic mix of 60s rock, pop, and soul to our fair city, so let’s give them a proper reception!

A Brief History

Initially an attempt to create a “free county band”, Lake Street Dive thankfully abandoned that idea in favor of “something that actually sounded good”. No offense intended, of course, to any country fans out there. Comprised of musicians that had each been playing since about the 3rd grade, the band came together in 2004. Being enormous fans of the 60s, especially the Fab Four, LDS created a unique style that blended several popular genres of the time. What emerged was a flexible sound that recalled the 60s without simply mimicking them.

Two years later Lake Street Dive self-released their first CD in this episode…, followed by another self-release called Promises, Promises. However, it wasn’t until 2010, when they signed with Signature Sounds, that LDS really took off. This coincided with their self-titled third released, which helped them get a critical foot in the door.

Lake Street Dive rocketed to prominence in 2014 with the release of their fourth album, Bad Self-Portraits. This, coupled with a grueling promotional tour and a video of the band covering “I Want You Back” on a street corner going viral pushed the band in the spotlight.

Since then, they’ve appeared on multiple talk shows (Ellen, Conan, etc.) as well as T-Bone Burnett’s Another Day, Another Time concert which featured music inspired by the film Inside Llewyn Davis. So far, they show no signs of slowing down.

Their Sound

Basically, take any number of genres popular in the 60s (Motown, British Invasion rock, folk, early southern rock) and throw them into a blender. Somewhere in the resultant pulpy mess you’ll find Lake Street Dive’s sound. Expect Hammond organs, powerful vocals, and other sounds form that grooviest of decades.

So, as always. The venue is the Vogue, door’s at 7:00PM.

See you there!


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