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We all like the radio singles (for the most part), but sometimes, you’re in the mood for something a little longer that you can really sink your teeth into. Long songs don’t get enough credit in my opinion. When they’re done right, they can be all the more satisfying to listen to because of their length.

So we’ve scoured the web, and returned with a list of ten songs over ten minutes long, that you can trust will be worth the time investment.

1. Pink Floyd “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-9)” – 25:52

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It was tough to pick just one song from Pink Floyd, as they a wealth of epic songs that go far over the ten-minute mark. That being said, “Shine On you Crazy Diamond” is easily one of their best. Everyone should listen to this funky, melancholic, bluesy groove before they die. It’s really that good.

2. Jimi Hendrix – “Machine Gun” – 13:37

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There are a couple different versions of “Machine Gun” floating around there. Some are shorter than 10 minutes, but this live recording from The Fillmore East stretches on over thirteen minutes. Granted, most of that is Jimi just absolutely shredding, but what else did you expect?

3. Led Zeppelin – “Achilles Last Stand” – 10:25

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This one is a bit of an outlier for Led Zeppelin, who wrote songs between three and seven minutes long for most of their career. “Achilles Last Stand” opens their seventh studio album, “Presence”. The track features six overdubbed guitars from Jimmy Page, recorded in one marathon session.

4. Weird Al Yankovic – “Albuquerque” – 11:22

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Speaking of outliers, did you know there’s eleven minutes of non-stop Weird Al that you can listen to? To some, it may sound like torture, but this rare, Weird Al original showcases Yankovic’s storytelling, humor, and musical ability, if you’re up for it.

5. George Harrison – “Out Of The Blue” – 11:13

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The final track of George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” is built around a single chord riff, and contains no lyrics whatsoever. This is Harrison letting himself loose on his first solo album post-Beatles. “Out Of The Blue” is an unapologetic, instrumental jam session from one of the world’s best musicians, and definitely worth a listen.

6. David Bowie – “Station To Station” – 10:14

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David Bowie’s title track from the “Station To Station” album is regarded by many die-hard Bowie fans as his “Stairway To Heaven”. After losing him far too soon, listening to this epic masterpiece is a good way to reconnect with his message, and remember him fondly.

7. Rush – “2112” – 20:39

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We couldn’t very well forget one of the greatest bands in prog rock, and Rush’s epic “2112” definitely deserves a spot on this list. Get ready for countless transitions, jams, solos, and technical flair.

8. The Doors – “The End” – 11:47

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Jim Morrison’s characteristic haunting vocals float through this nearly 12-minute, meandering, hypnotic epic. The song’s low energy culminates at the end with dissonant chords, clanging drums, and controlled feedback, before resolving back to the beginning of “The End”.

9. CCR – “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” – 11:10

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Creedence Clearwater Revival’s extended version of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” doesn’t get as much credit as I feel like it should. Granted, it does sort of just repeat itself over and over with intermittent guitar solos that all sound pretty similar. Still, it’s got a solid groove that somehow keeps me listening.

10. The Who – “Underture” – 10:09

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Our last pick comes from The Who’s widely-acclaimed rock-opera album, “Tommy”, about a blind, dumb, and deaf boy. In the story of the album, “Underture” is the musical expression of Tommy’s hallucinogenic experience after he is given a dose of LSD from his doctor’s wife. The entirely instrumental song is a pure joy to listen to on its own, as well as in order with the album.


That about concludes our list of ten song over ten minutes long. If there are any other contenders out there that you felt should have made the list, be sure to leave a comment down below with your recommendation.



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8 responses to “Top Ten Songs Over 10 Minutes Long”

  1. NOTE: This list is the top 10 songs over 10 minutes long that THE WRITER THINKS, not what everyone else thinks. Other than a Rush tune, you completely skipped the Progressive Rock genre. So, skipping bands that make their living with songs longer than the norm. Genesis, Yes, Jethro Tull, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Frost*, King Crimson, etc. This list of tunes better than this list is a mile long. Milliontown by Frost* is top 5 greatest Prog songs ever and it checks in at 26 minutes. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here by Porcupine Tree is also an epic tun that I think is slightly better than a Weird Al tune. To each his own, but to skip an entire genre for a list suggestion that is all about Progressive Rock is kinda not an accurate list.

    • Thanks for the thoughtful response. I just wanted to be clear that this list is purely subjective. I’m not trying to tell anyone else what to think, or saying that these are the top songs of all time. I’m only sharing how I feel from my own experience. But thanks for all the great suggestions!

  2. Yes have a number of epic pieces….”Close To The Edge” and “Awaken” are just two that come to mind……they were one of the forerunners of Prog Rock that cannot be left out.

  3. Prog rock will be where you’d find the “best” songs longer than 10 minutes. Marillion’s Grendel, Haken’s Crystalissed, Genesis’ Supper’s Ready, Transatlantic’s The Whirlwind, and Dream Theater’s Metropolis.
    If you want to jump to blues, plenty there. Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Voodoo Chile, Clapton’s I shot The Sheriff [Live], etc.

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