“The Cher Show” promises to be a jukebox musical that details the icon’s life


After premiering at Oriental Theatre in Chicago this summer, “The Cher Show” is poised to take on Broadway this November.

The show’s run on Broadway is scheduled to begin Nov. 1. It is part of a recent crop of popular music-based musicals. With Cher being one of just a few surviving legends, her story is certain to intrigue audiences. Also, not as many people are aware of Cher’s backstory. Sure, most people of a certain age can cite the most public aspects of her life– songs released, outfits worn in certain videos and performances, and her romantic pairings. For most ardent fans, Cher defies convention and easy categorization. And because of that, the public needs “The Cher Show.” People know the songs, but do they know the woman?

“The Cher Show” : premise

There are few people who don’t know who Cher is. Her style and her music have managed to touch hearts. A potential patron of the show might consider how a show could cover the legendary performer’s life.

Apparently the show will depict Cher in three different stages called: Babe, Lady and Star. Three different actresses will portray Cher in the various stages.

While the portrayal of Cher is most important in a production like “The Cher Show,” key figures in her life will be depicted as well. However, for a life as likely complicated as Cher’s, the cast is relatively small. At least two male actors will take more than one role. Included in the famous depictions that will populate the show are those of Gregg Allman (the late Southern rock musician was married to Cher in the 1970s) and fashion designer, Bob Mackie.

The show’s publicity verbiage labels “The Cher Show” a “jukebox” musical. This sounds simple enough: it will be music heavy and contain all the hits fans have come to love.

Even though “The Cher Show” is part of a recent Broadway trend, it seems that this musical will be as unique as the show’s subject.




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