Kanye West shows up at the White House


Well, it appears that somewhat beleaguered rapper, Kanye West has not disappeared to Africa. No news on if he is still leaving or not. In a surprise move that left several cable news anchors and members of the White House press corps speechless, Kanye West showed up at the White House to declare his appreciation for Donald Trump. As CBS News pointed out, West left the President speechless as well.

Kanye West and his support for Donald Trump

The scene at the White House looked awkward to say the least. West, in a black outfit and bright red Make America Great Again hat, exclaimed about how wearing the hat made him feel like “Super Man.” He further exclaimed that we all had to support Trump because ” if he don’t look good, we don’t look good.”

West’s talk lasted about 20 minutes. A sedate-looking Trump managed to express that he appreciated the rapper’s comments and he invited the rapper to lunch.

It should also be noted that West referred to himself as a “crazy ” N-word. Phrasing that did nothing to ease the awkwardness in the room.

According to reports, West had come to the White House to discuss prison reform. He did also share ideas about how the President might update Air Force One.

Kanye West vs. US presidents

Today’s development is strange not only because of what it entailed, but also because of West’s history with presidents. CBS News replayed the now-infamous clip of West stating that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” in 2005. That clip seems a far cry from today’s more charitable statement.

A lesser-known clip was also shown. Apparently, former President Obama had opinions about West interrupting Taylor Swift. After stating that Swift seemed like a  “nice enough young lady,” President Obama discussed West’s interruption and noted that the rapper was ” a jackass.”

West’s behavior seems unrelated to political party alliances, as both Bush and Trump are republicans. Questionable, too, is West’s support of a president whose policies have largely been seen as problematic for people of color.

Now that West has resurfaced after deleting his social media accounts, it is unclear what the rapper is up to next.


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