Kavita Seth’s Musical Journey


I have already interviewed Singer Kavita Seth at least 3 times before for print magazines. A few days back I had the honor of meeting her again. This is Kavita Seth’s Musical Journey:

Kavita Seth’s Musical Journey:

So, I asked her how she would describe her musical journey beginning with Zindagi ko sawarde maula… Vaada (2005), until now.

She replied, “It’s God’s grace. I am happy that each of the songs I have sung is one better than the other. They are diamonds in my musical journey. Today, the trend is that the songs do not have a shelf-life. They are lost in the ocean of time. However, my songs have created a place in people’s hearts. This is an achievement for me. I would like to sing similar songs even in the future.”

Bollywood and Kavita Seth:               

I requested her to list 9 of her favorite Bollywood songs which she has sung till now.

She said, “Oh, dear! You have asked me a very difficult question.”

I said, “You have a vast body of work behind you. That is why I am asking you to select your own songs.”

(Laughs) Mora Piya mose bolat nahin… Rajneeti (2010) It is a beautiful song. It is raga-based and the tune is good. I love the traditional style in it. They have shot it in an amazing situation.

Mujhe mat roko… Gangster (2006) It’s color is Sufiana.

Tumhi ho bandhu… Cocktail (2012) Post this song, I was getting item songs and other nonsensical ones. I did not want to do such songs. So, I refused them. I chose this song because the poetry was good. I loved it when the entire country had danced to the tune of this song.

Jeete hain chal… Neerja (2016) This is a lovely inspirational song. There is a beautiful message in it. I sing this song when I feel low.

Ik tara… Wake Up Sid (2009) This song is a big hit. Billions of people have given a place for this song in their heart.

Khuda wahi hai… Khuda Wahi Hai I had composed this non-film song. It is a beautiful song. I have sung this song as a mankabad in praise of the Lord Almighty.

Aisi hoti hai Maa… Maatr (2017) This song is my composition too. I have not sung these songs, I have lived them. My attempt is to make these songs circulate in my blood vessels. Probably, that is why people remember my songs better than the ones being churned out today.

Ek din… Ek Din This is a non-film album that I have recorded. Everybody, who listens to this song, feels that this song talks about their lives. It is a very beautiful song and I love it.

Have a look at the rest of the interview on the video.


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  1. Wonderful interview! I look forward to see many more such interviews. The questions were well put by Gayatri Rao because of which we got a good insight into the composition of sufi songs by Kavita Seth ji.

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